Chizhou migrant workers enjoy the highest 150 thousand yuan subsidy

for migrant workers lack of funding problems, many local governments have introduced policies to grant subsidies. Recently, the Chizhou government introduced a new policy for migrant workers in Chizhou to provide special funds to support entrepreneurship, migrant workers in Chizhou can apply for a one-time subsidy of 150 thousand yuan.

"rules" clear, municipal business incubator operation subsidies: approved by the city and Social Council, the Municipal Finance Bureau and other departments of the Municipal Youth Business Park (including municipal Small and micro businesses, Pioneer Park entrepreneurial base) migrant workers can apply for a one-time 150 thousand yuan subsidies for operating funds, municipal private business incubators can apply for operating subsidies a one-time 50 thousand yuan. Initial one-time grant: small and micro science and technology, Graduate 5 years full-time college graduates and retired within 3 years of the initial ex demobilized soldiers founded the modern service enterprises, since the registration date of the normal operation of more than 6 months, by the individual business according to 5000 yuan subsidy according to the partnership; a number of 2000 yuan per person subsidies, the total amount of the partnership grants maximum not more than 10000 yuan; absorb more than 3 jobs to give 5000 yuan subsidy.

entrepreneurship competition project funding: Transformation of entrepreneurs to participate in the municipal level and above all types of business competition and the winners can enjoy the subsidy, which won a national project 50 thousand yuan, two yuan and other 40 thousand projects, three projects 30 thousand yuan; a provincial project 40 thousand yuan, two yuan and other 30 thousand projects, three projects 20 thousand yuan; a municipal projects 30 thousand yuan, two yuan in 15 thousand projects, three projects 8 thousand yuan. Municipal skills Master Studio funding: identified by the city people club Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, office and other departments of the municipal personnel skills Master Studio, that year can apply for a one-time subsidy of $50 thousand, after the annual assessment for 10 thousand yuan of subsidies can be excellent work.

Chizhou migrant workers help fund the project, give full play to the role of special funds to support, the introduction of the rules also stipulate the pioneering work on special funds to support the application conditions, the declaration procedures and reporting requirements, eligible individuals, enterprises can apply for full business support funds support.

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