Cigarette business should pay attention to avoid

cigarette business, we need not only to do the work in place, while some taboo things we can not do, so that is a guarantee of the cause. In this article, the small series will introduce some of the tobacco business process of the taboo, summed up is four points. So, what are the cigarette business should pay attention to the "four"?

1, avoid informal channel purchase. We are here in order for Friday, Sunday tobacco car will ordered goods by car delivery, good service attitude, supply security. There is a line of lesbian Xiaoshuai business manager for our tutoring business, solve problems. This business Why not?? If the purchase of non tobacco monopoly channels, in violation of the tobacco monopoly law, heavy punishment, light punishment, it is The loss outweighs the gain.

2, avoid cheap into fake figure. Admittedly, some people rush into danger selling cigarettes on the market. Their large volume, low prices, tight smoke some fake is indeed very attractive. Cigarette retail businesses must be able to withstand market temptation, but otherwise will feel alarmed, "lose the wife of another soldier".

3, avoid buying cigarettes. Now, there are still some bad atmosphere, therefore, some people will get extra tobacco store for money or barter, businesses somewhat interest. Cigarettes like this, I think it’s best not to buy. One is contributing to breed bad atmosphere; two is the fish, cigarette false ones.

4, avoid smoke. Some people like to take a few packs of high priced cigarettes for a lot of cigarettes. In this case, the customer should not be able to change the smoke. For the identification of genuine cigarette cigarette retail businesses we not very professional, such as for cigarettes sold, not smashed his own store brand?

some of the taboo if the operators did not pay attention, which for the operators of the latter will have a very big impact on the cigarette business, and even will directly affect the development of their cause. So, if you are also a cigarette operators, the above four taboos must also pay attention to oh.