Hunan’s first case of human infection with H5N6 avian influenza in children with severe isolation

with the continuous development of society, our living standards are rising, but also to face a series of new problems in the new century. When it comes to avian flu, the first thought is isolation, and then wait for the arrival of death. But now the situation has been broken.

4 month 28 days, good news from the Hunan Children’s Hospital, the first case of human infection with avian influenza in children with severe H5N6 Xiao Er (a pseudonym) two consecutive deep sputum virus nucleic acid negative, quarantine has been lifted.

11 years old children from Zhuzhou, from April 11th, a sense of discomfort, transferred to Hunan Children’s Hospital on 13, was diagnosed with human H5N6 avian influenza cases.

children’s hospital intensive medicine two department director Lu Xiulan introduction, after effective treatment, Xiao Er has two consecutive deep sputum viral nucleic acid examination is negative, which means that compliance with the requirements of respiratory isolation.

provincial CDC agreed, the hospital decided in April 28th 8, the official cancellation of Xiao infants two door, lift the medical isolation, instead of ordinary medical management in critically ill children. Due to the child’s lung suffered heavy losses, but also requires a long time to recover, in order to prevent secondary infection, the child will be a protective isolation. Children will still live in isolation, but the staff do not need to wear protective clothing into.

‘s "Xiao’s transcutaneous blood oxygen saturation has been maintained at around 94% in the past few days, while at the same time the parameters of the noninvasive ventilator are decreasing, indicating that the lung condition is improving."." Lu Xiulan said, Xiao son eating semi liquid to recover from the ordinary diet, has tried to noninvasive ventilator removed into nasal catheter oxygen. The next stage of treatment is to prevent secondary infection, reduce the incidence of pulmonary fibrosis and other children, the treatment cycle is expected to take about 2 weeks.

with the continuous improvement of life, the continuous development of medicine, I believe that in the future we will be able to find the best method of treatment, but also hope that the child’s condition can be timely recovery.

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