nvestment in household air conditioning cleaning should pay attention to what

no matter how good the business, even if it has a big market, but if the attention should be paid attention to, such a business may not be difficult for a long time. So if you want to run a business successfully, you should pay more attention to the factors. So, the investment should pay attention to household air conditioning cleaning?

household air conditioning cleaning operation strategy:

during the opening in the morning news, evening news, local television reported on some popular advertisements to training awareness; at the same time send leaflets in the residential area, the organization of business personnel on-site contact and business units can have cooperation with animal husbandry management company, the Property Management Company to undertake some piece of household air conditioner cleaning business and into.

so that the average population of 500 thousand people in the city can be cleaned at least 15~20 units of household air conditioning, cleaning 500~600 units per month, the profit of up to 1.6~2.0 million, at least earn 16~20 million per year.

investment home air conditioning cleaning notes:

1, for cleaning the home air-conditioning, air conditioning 80% users were not addressed, some believe that domestic air conditioning doesn’t need long time without cleaning, air conditioning or cleaning air conditioning for many years has not started to blow the winds of a great smell (various bacteria spread out, easily spread disease) or abnormal noise, the refrigeration and heat is not ideal, is not considered to be air conditioning cleaning and maintenance, that is bad, but to the maintenance department and can not find the reason.

in fact, as long as through professional cleaning, all the above problems can be solved. So the most important thing is to be guided by publicity, so that the majority of users to fully understand the importance and necessity of household air conditioning cleaning, guide people to change their ideas, to accept the home air conditioning cleaning and maintenance of this new thing.

2 investment, cleaning the home air-conditioning to all for the sake of customers as much as possible, so that customer satisfaction, build customer files, regular telephone return, long-term tracking service, to consolidate the development of customer, good service brand, establish a good corporate image, establish a complete customer base by the customer, a pass ten, ten pass 100 the huge market opportunities will be in your hands.

3, household air conditioning cleaning project investment less effective, fast, no risk, suitable for family or laid-off workers to invest in re employment.

4, household air conditioning cleaning project investment conditions are ripe, there are more than junior high school can grasp.

due to the huge number of air-conditioning on the current market, therefore, as long as consumers have the concept of cleaning, such business will become simple. So, if you venture now, you will choose to vote