White-collar workers to give up the high salary work alone

a lot of people are relying on their own strength, and constantly strive to work out their own world. In many people’s eyes, such a person is a successful person. But if you can give yourself the benefit of others, then you must be a great man in the eyes of the people. First  Code  the founder of Academy is such a goddess, today to see how she did it.

after learning Sun encoding, in promising Silicon Valley start-up companies (e.g. Bump, Buffer) office. In addition, she also participated in a community project at the University of Stanford.

Sun’s part-time experience had a profound influence on her, and was also the inspiration for her business plan. She said: "in community projects, my students show extraordinary creativity in science and technology. I wish I had had the chance to study in asia."

inspired by this, in 2013 Sun moved back to Hongkong, and Google Women  Entrepreneur  Online opened a girls only the encoding classes all day long. With the course of the spread, Sun team had to work hard to meet the needs, but also began brewing First  Code  Academy.