Lattice shop to help young mothers achieve entrepreneurial dreams

lattice shop this year is very prosperous, so the shop is really a good choice to make money?

it is understood that this group of operating the "lattice shop" new mothers are basically 80 young women, which workers outside the working girl, is in the marriage and birth peak, so have to get married. Some married love do not want to go out, some children inconvenience go out, but the habit of their own money to feed this group of women themselves, their employment and entrepreneurship has become a new dream.

came to a company called "Ealey" shop, the hostess Xie Gang born son is sleeping. Talk about employment in their hometowns feelings, Xie told reporters, she and her husband are familiar with Yichun, when working in Dongguan. Two the home in the field, but to rent out to spend money, the price is also very high, they have to choose to get married.