The secret why so popular brand fried

is a young and old love fried breakfast food, the crispy skin and delicious gravy embellishment, could not help but think of the pharynx slobber. Shanghai Shengjian tube called " Pan-Fried Mantou " in Shanghai, more than a hundred years of history. In Shanghai, the business of this kind of snack is everywhere. Once the most famous is " large pot, fry " Chunsheng; tender skin fragrant, then disappeared. Now known to have a house named " Yang Shengjian ", although " is omitted; Steamed Buns " two words, but everybody knows that this is " Pan-Fried Mantou " ‘, daily at five or six in the morning opens the door to overcrowding, not early to queue is certainly not to eat. We joined the network of CHINO food for everybody including several popular Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork shop, a look.

why so popular these fried brand

abundance fried

Shanghai Shengjian King worthy of the name

. In 70s the last century has Pan-Fried Mantou fortune, up to now, Pan-Fried Mantou business bigger and bigger, in the whole of Shanghai shop everywhere. So far there are 18 stores, 40 stores, is the state-owned enterprises to achieve success and win recognition. Most of the shops are not what decoration, but also to maintain the level of 70s, but did not affect the business point, is always crowded dinner time, huddled. The most abundant fried shop in Luwan, Xuhui two areas, there are special abundance catering Co. Ltd., in addition to Pan-Fried Mantou, Oily Bean Curd line powder soup is another big brand. And there are a variety of rice topped, pork rice cake and other snacks. Fried 4 yuan 4. 18 stores sell fried shrimp. Although is the chain store, but not better than KFC, McDonald’s, the uneven quality Pan-Fried Mantou, said Ruijin two road Nanchang shop to eat the best.

little Yang Shengjian

all Shanghai famous large private fried shop, the transformation of Wujiang road into half half way fried. That shop, actually even decent appearance are not only a row of stalls, but Pan-Fried Mantou sold out a pot pot, accidentally waiting 15 minutes under the pot etc.. Pan-Fried Mantou head is the largest in Shanghai, estimates there is a one or two. The bottom of coke soup, just like a master of time. Fried 6 yuan 4.

Wang Psammophilic fried

is also the old brand of state-owned enterprises, 4 stores, concentrated in Jingan District. In fact, the more famous is the steamed crab dumplings, making the whole process for customer visit, but the breakfast time is fried supply. Several years ago, Wang Jia Sha fried chicken is very famous, but it belongs to the very means a very competitive period. >