2016 Quanzhou sold a number of car sales reached 160187 vehicles

improve living standards at the same time, people are concerned about the price is the car, more and more people become a car owners, the car has also been a lot of popularity in the market. 2016, the major automotive brands frequently push new cars, SUV aggressive, domestic brands force, the purchase tax by half, driven by the automotive market ushered in an extraordinary year. But in the first half of 2016, the majority of dealers sales for the year is not optimistic, they not only sell distressed car no profit, more distressed car difficult.

but in the second half, as if all of a sudden, the supply has become the main melody of the car to the shop, busy and sales consultants bargain consumers began to busy courting hoping to mention car sales consultant. Recently, the reporter obtained data show that in 2016 Quanzhou auto sales reached 160187, once again hit a new high.

imported cars are still strong joint venture brand pressure is not small

imported cars remained Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Porsche’s leading position, followed by Land Rover, jaguar. Insiders talk about 2016, without mention of Mercedes Benz, Mercedes Benz spent two years ago prices diving bitterness, through the introduction of a large number of new models hit a nice turnaround, new design, more comprehensive and more intelligent control of a sudden win over a large number of followers, and push out the new Mercedes Benz in all levels have the figure of SUV, from A to E grade, rich product line, the price close to the people.

industry sources, in 2017, BMW will have 2 to 3 new models launched, then, it is likely to copy Mercedes Benz’s brilliant. Audi is also unwilling to leeward, 2017-2018 will have no small movements, imported brands is in such a race each other rhythm, constantly creating new sales performance.

joint venture model is still the backbone of sales, Shanghai Volkswagen, Beijing Hyundai, Changan Ford, Dongfeng Nissan, FAW Volkswagen general Buick sales in the top. However, reporters learned that although the joint venture brand sales data are very beautiful, but the pressure is still great, make a big problem at dealers do not make money is still a problem.

insiders told reporters, the joint venture brand was between two fires, luxury car prices dropping is bound to affect the joint venture brands, consumers on the joint venture brand price, as long as the tiptoe can be opened on imported cars. While the other side is the independent brand step by step, now the domestic car regardless of appearance or function of quality, have a qualitative leap, the price advantage is obvious.

in addition, competitive products between the infighting between brands, even the same is a silent war. Beijing modern 4S shop sales manager Mr. Zhong said, consumers love "Changxin", as long as the new car market, sales recommended