Man suffered health girlfriend sent a distress signal to friends

beauty care more and more attention, healthy life should develop a good habit, but the beauty of health too small series that there is no need. Recently, a man suffering from health girlfriend, forced to stand up, sending a distress signal to the user.

he work for a magazine in Wuhan, cheerful, love to eat not to stick at trifles, "hardcore". Last month, in the physical examination found that his body mass index some overweight, gastrointestinal problems.

"I managed to cook at home on weekends, from washing dishes, cooking, cooking, she is all around" surveillance ", all the dishes are to be cut, after washing   stir fried vegetables could not exceed 3 minutes, salt and oil also took the amount the amount placed, according to gram. Do two meals a day, put a total of salt can not be more than three spoons, onion and garlic can not put the end of the first, said to be fried after the cancer will be carcinogenic." Mr Leung said that every person is busy cooking, two side pot dishes, side of the fight, like "War sites". When the dishes are ready to eat, two people are angry, a meal to eat who do not speak.

"sometimes there is trouble, I used to a person they make a table of dishes, but also a vent. Not now, but these restrictions and fetters make you more tired. And that 8 glasses of water a day, every night a cup of water, not drink during the day to fill up, get up at midnight to sleep well, but." Mr Leung said, originally in order to make him more healthy life list, now it has become a hidden contradiction fuse everywhere.



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