t’s hard to listen to DY chocolate shop

according to the development of society, many people may think to open a DIY chocolate shop, may be a good opportunity. Indeed, this sounds very good, but the fact is that? Describes a real example and small to you, make you really recognize the opportunities, sounds good, but it really is very difficult.

What is the

snapadoo, purchase of equipment and materials from the contact, to grasp the handmade chocolate production process and process, and then to the site shop, Zhou Kun for busy for more than a month. At the beginning of February this year, his DIY chocolate shop finally in the Three Gorges Square building opened the era of the stars.

however, since the store opened, Zhou Kun every day to worry about traffic too little. The first month of business is quite deserted, an average of two or three days a table guests, the first month turnover of only $1000. His shop only accept the cost of chocolate, do not charge processing fees, per capita consumption of thirty or forty yuan is not expensive, is not enough publicity? So, he also printed nearly ten thousand leaflets, sent to the surrounding areas, but the business is still difficult to pick up. Rough inventory, shop three months, turnover of less than $2000.