After the number of nternet users in China after the first laugh

the absolute number of Internet users reached 253 million, for the first time exceeded the United States, ranking first in the world. Although China’s Internet penetration rate is only 19.1%, still below the global average (21.1%), but after all, as the CNNIC report referred to as the Internet big country. Should be happy, more happy there should be ten kinds of people:

, a ISP operator laughed: there are 253 million people online, China Telecom, etc. have natural cable operators mainly ISP Internet access service is a natural look in the eyes, like in the heart, more and more Internet access fees orthogonal to them. Of course, that they take "puerile" approach, appropriate to reduce the access fee, to further expand the Internet penetration rate, average at least to catch up with the world, don’t let Chinese in the per capita number behind the world.

two, domain name service providers smiled: as of July 22nd, the number of Chinese websites continued to grow, a total of 1 million 919 thousand, an annual growth rate of 46.3%, of which CN domain name registration to the total amount of more than 12 million 188 thousand german. De domain name, becoming the world’s largest national top-level domain name. Many people on the Internet, the site is much more natural, more natural domain names, domain name service providers can naturally receive more than an annual fee. On this point, they will ISP on "puerile" more profound understanding. In particular, even recently many". China domain names are free to send.


news website main laugh: the network news report shows that the utilization rate reached 81.5%, users reached 206 million people, the network news reading rate than in December 2007 increased by 8.8 percentage points in the network application ranking jumped to second place. The Internet has become the most influential media in the field of Journalism and communication. As long as it can attract more eyeballs, its value and potential. Of course, the main site in the news of the laugh, while the traditional media may cry, then please embrace the Internet, traditional media, integration is a trend.

four, an online seller smiled: CNNIC report shows that online shopping is popular in people’s online behavior. Data show that China’s online shopping utilization rate of 25%, the number of users reached 63 million 290 thousand people, an increase in the number of users within six months of a total of 16 million 880 thousand people. Although China’s Internet penetration rate has not yet reached the average level of the world, but the number of Internet users has been absolutely enough to support the rapid development of e-commerce, but also to solve the employment problem and the survival of many people, even Mr Wu Jinglian recently lamented the important role of electronic commerce.

five, Shanghai people laugh: in the online shopping army, the most popular city is Shanghai, the utilization rate has reached 45.2%. Have to admit that Shanghai is China’s largest economic city, the largest commercial city, the most receptive to new things. So speak up, eBay headquarters will be moved to Shanghai is a vision. In addition, Shanghai’s recent regulations on e-commerce management seem to be more flexible than Beijing