How independent shop operators

how can a good operator independent shop, this is our independent network providers must consider the problem? There has been debate over the independent shop operators: technology, sourcing, marketing and service, which is more important? Here is a specific case, discuss me in the shop on the operation of independent thinking. Taking into account the specific circumstances of the operator, some ways are not suitable for all independent shop, for your reference. Now on the site, "92 cross stitch" as a case, we are welcome to witness the development of this small-scale B2C website.

shop system and technology, I chose the HiShop independent shop free, independent shop hishop system is based on the.Net language, Zhangjiajie Hedwig network technology limited company development has 5 years of experience in the development of the online system, the superiority of the system, are among the best in the same industry, technical problems to the professional they do.

supply is my initial investment in the greatest energy. What can the goods on the Internet to sell, this is not what we need to think about the problem, look at Taobao, we investigate Eric’s heart bottom. In the end, we identified some of the basic principles of supply selection:

a more suitable for sale on the Internet products. More innovative, not necessarily the most popular is the best selling. Although the cake is big, but eat more. So I chose the cross stitch, although the cake is small, relatively few people eat.

two, easy to transport, delivery of goods. Do you think if you sell the bathtub on the Internet, of course, I’m not saying you can’t sell. How much is the delivery price of a bathtub from Beijing to Guangzhou. So the corresponding choice of such products will be very few customers.

three, after-sales service is relatively simple. Not to say that we do not want to do after-sales work, but hope to sell the product can be more convenient to carry out services, so as to protect the quality of after-sales service. For example, some buyers do not know how to buy back to use the product, try not to come in. So I choose almost no need for after-sales service of cross stitch products.

marketing, this is throughout the entire shop artery. Is also a very important point to open shop. A lot of friends in the online shop planning for marketing screenwriters, not familiar with the internet. Many friends in the face of network marketing almost do not know how to start, in fact we do not need to be confused, shop system now has been very mature, also thought of a lot of difficulties for our customers, the network marketing has also made a lot of auxiliary function. Such as membership promotion points, hishop full discount, commodity JS generation and so on many good marketing plan. Web site address everyone to see. There are other ways to find a bunch of internet. I’m not talking too much here.

shop belongs to the service industry, service is our lifeline. Service is our shop owners need to improve, improve, improve the. Only the best service