Real estate electricity supplier forced housing prices change stir nternet financial innovation

newspaper reporter Su strontium Shanghai reported

July 7th, Shimao Group Vice President Cai Xuemei in grams and Swiss real estate financial situation analysis meeting pointed out that when the sales of housing prices to a certain level, to seek change".

According to Cai Xuemei

, Shimao property is to explore cooperation with insurance, bank, large electricity supplier, will also implement an independent broker system. The second half of last year, the deputy proposed to the life service providers, including education, health, business building, consumption, custom five cloud platform.

The main reason of

forced housing prices change, since 2013 is the emergence of a number of "real estate + Internet plus financial platform. The green room network, the Internet real estate financial services platform "Sina and Chinese E-House teamed up to create the gold in the room will be officially launched in mid July; and Ping An Group’s real estate business platform – ping house network in June launched the" treasure room ", claimed that the yield of up to 14%; the real good Hangzhou Dexin treasure jointly launched the" real estate Dickson Bao Ping House No. 1 "will be launched on July.

according to Ping housing network chief operating executive Guanzhuang snow, good room treasure is to provide cash management tailored financial products for customers ready to purchase, the basic principle is to help finance real estate sales, enhance customer stickiness, make it become the new entrance safe migration of millions of customers "".

The first residential project

"Dexin Ping house treasure No. 1 in Hangzhou lock, is located in the future science and Technology City Dexin · good morning. According to the project of the good room treasure product is scheduled for the July 1st sale, 20 thousand yuan deposit, the purchase of 10 per person, the expected annual yield of 14% (Fund + housing fund), fund buyers in 180 days to redeem at any time. In addition, · in Dexin; good morning first opened on the day of purchase, and the subscription of "Dexin Ping house treasure No. 1 buyers will get good room treasure special subsidies additional income (annualized 16%), the sum of the two comprehensive annual yield rate of 30%.

According to

, good room treasure purchase number has more than 15 thousand people, has not expected hot, but according to Ping real Internet financial executive Han Xiao said, Ping house will also launch treasure room No. 2, No. 3 and other products. In addition, the good room treasure is working with the banking institutions, in mid July for the binding of banks will increase to 26.

Ping House online line at the beginning, its business model has been peer criticism, online prices and sales offices prices does not match the problems such as repeated the industry questioned the line that day that closed the second-hand housing, rent two channels. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter found through continuous tracking, good housing online housing inventory is not enough, the user experience is limited.

Han Xiao continues to analysis, good room treasure model is the first selection after storage disk, and the traditional take off after the real estate business model on the contrary. Compared with financial products, good room treasure Wang Wang to absorb the purchase of funds, committed to creating real estate finance closed loop".