Figure 2014 information during the Spring Festival, WeChat mobile phone and QQ operation data out

today is new year’s day, the window opener of the year and firecrackers as one falls, another rises, a new beginning, Xiao Bian here to give you SocialBeta readers a happy new year, wish you all in the year to strive for further improvement, success.

in the past year of the horse spring festival, everyone in the family and friends in different ways in the face to face communication links, WeChat red envelopes grab red pay New Year’s call, mobile phone, QQ chat, want to know in the past Spring Festival in these behavioral data? Was released during the Spring Festival Performance data as early as a few days ago WeChat and mobile phone the QQ team, because it is a holiday, many readers may have noticed, again today and share these data information map.

released by the WeChat team new year’s data information figure:


New Year’s day WeChat announced the user data during the spring festival. Compared to 2013, the new year’s Eve in 2014, WeChat sent 2 times last year, the amount of information collected last year, the number of times is 3 times. The new year’s Eve WeChat reached a peak period, there is an average of one minute information issued 10 million, the average person issued 3 circle of friends, all in the dinner on New Year’s Eve family portrait, sun drying red.

New Year’s Eve, the most active use of WeChat pay New Year’s call regions are Beijing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Jiangsu, the amount of information sent from the five areas accounted for 40% of global shipments of WeChat. The WeChat team for some high-frequency greetings set of invisible eggs, such as WeChat content in "happy new year, happy holidays", there will be a ribbon from falling; WeChat content appears in the "happy year of the horse, a horse, will drop a lot……

in the WeChat team released the WeChat data near the fifth day of the new year, in the mobile phone QQ team announced operating data not resigned to playing second fiddle to the map during the Spring Festival in micro-blog.

on New Year’s Eve, there are 13 billion 600 million QQ messages! The rush hour is 32 million 700 thousand

per minute