Price of Jingdong Suning Gome has begun to become another battlefield search

A5 webmaster network August 16th news, Jingdong in August 15th, Suning, Gome three electricity supplier giant fierce price war. No matter who is the final winner, electricity providers will face a huge pattern of the butterfly effect, after the fierce competition to re arrange funding. In this price war, regardless of whether or not the three electricity providers to honor their commitments, the full realization of price promotions, the ultimate benefit of the fierce competition is still the consumer. In the electricity supplier price war, comparison shopping search has become a battlefield, not only Taobao’s Amoy network using "Jingdong war Suning" opportunity to vigorously promote the price of its search can help consumers how to distinguish where home prices are more affordable. Even Sogou also launched a parity shopping search function, take the opportunity to occupy a place.


a parity ring (A5 nets pictures)

three electricity supplier price war on the first day, the parties received boos, questioned to flicker consumers, behind the hidden mystery. All kinds of price war news is endless. At this time, as the largest parity search platform, a timely release of price data, take the opportunity to introduce a user traffic to Amoy, and thus enhance the and Tmall mall, Taobao’s website traffic. Amoy network also launched a Amoy network parity ring, the whole network featured more than 3000 hot commodity price changes, real-time updates of the major B2C. In the current period of parity ring, the lowest commodity merchants won the gold medal. Therefore, the more the number of gold medals, but also means that the more cheap goods.


Sogou shopping search parity data (A5 nets pictures)


Sogou browser pop promotion price (assistant stationmaster net plan)

electricity supplier price war on the first day, a Amoy network will undoubtedly become the focus of parity search. But also not resigned to playing second fiddle. Previously Sogou has reached a strategic cooperation with Alibaba, Ali inject $15 million for it. Sogou browser and Sogou input method and other products in cooperation with ALI related products. But in less than two years, Sogou did not gain substantial support from Ali, for this reason, the Sohu group to repurchase the shares held by Ali sogou. The relationship between the two sides is relatively delicate. On the one hand, there are still some cooperation in progress, on the other hand, Sogou is considering the withdrawal of shares related to the withdrawal of cooperation. Yesterday evening, many users reflect the use of search dog browser Sogou browser popups Amoy network assistant application promotion price. Today, the official launch of Sogou shopping search related services, electricity supplier price war to win over consumers.

parity search, scouring the market has been a major share of the market will be the introduction of Taobao and Tmall mall, and attract other electricity supplier platform cooperation. The Sogou in the fade out and Ali cooperation, but also has been hoping to enter the method, browser >