The nternet Bills Finance arena opened the three operating modes of grey mystery

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notes, from the payment of variation as a financing tool, there is no lack of controversy and risk. Free regulatory halt in 2012 after the bill of trust and related banking products, hidden in the past under the operation of the line through the Internet platform to grow rapidly. Our reporter through investigation, visit a trader, opened the three modes of operation behind the Internet bills finance, financing from relatively simple notes, to the trade commission payments to the credit payment cycle, its operation seems to have formed a gray arena. However, in foreign claims of low risk is even zero risk, but there may be a fake, no real trade background and the transfer of risk evasion and illegal operation of the problem, it is worth noting that at present this piece of business is still in the regulatory vacuum. (Wang Fangyan)

reporter Zhong Hui

intern reporter Mei Yaqi Shenzhen, Foshan reported

monetary fund at low tide, hot Internet banking bill.

from all kinds of main financial instruments P2P platform to Ali financial treasure, Sina micro wealth of gold and silver cat bills and other Internet financial platform, and even the traditional commercial banks have also joined the online financial instruments camp. For example, relying on Minsheng Bank Bills Business livelihood electricity supplier launched the people’s livelihood easy loan -E votes through, China Merchants Bank small business E home investment and financing business are online bills financial services.

"low threshold, high income, low risk banks are committed to honor all Internet bills finance platform consistent slogan, especially to the bank bill risk fallback support 6%-8%, or even higher annual yield, often become a tool to attract investors"".

Internet financial instruments can really break the "risks and benefits" already, become "low risk high return investment products


"should be combined with the enterprise financing instruments of real trade as a means of payment, the transaction chain is long, operation risk is big; plus a bill intermediary participation, leading to the current bill market there are many grey areas, many operations are not full compliance." A China Merchants Bank bill business person to the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said, "don’t think the bill is a simple thing, it is the professional threshold requirement is very high, false bills prevailing on the market, especially the cloning bill authenticity of identification tickets is a headache, the bank is the final payment, so in this it took great pains to prevent risk; bill intermediary or some non professional organizations generally do not have this ability, and some are false bills maker."

The risk of

bill attribute and the bill market is just appearance, twenty-first Century economic report reporter recently interviewed a number of surveys, bills finance platform and bank bill business, intermediary practitioners, in-depth analysis of the operation mode of financial instruments, especially online investors can not see the items below the line end business process. Through the anatomy of the business model, will be more aware of the bill