China Railway 95306 site formally launched the overall layout of the electricity supplier logistics

China Railway 95306 website formally run  

sina science and technology news May 13th afternoon news, the railway company disclosed that China Railway 95306 freight website ( formally launched. Prior to this, the site was on April 10th on-line test run, a month to run well.

It is reported that

, 95306 sites mainly carry out three services: one is to provide business services for railway freight transportation electronics, I want to ship, freight, cargo tracking inquiry of railway freight business; two is to provide commodity trading services, support for coal, ore, steel, food, chemical, cement, ore, coke, fertilizer, wood, food and other eleven categories of goods online transactions and provide supporting logistics services; the three is to provide commodity trading services, including commodity purchase, online payment, logistics and distribution, network marketing, customer service and other functions.

iron general aspects, said at the beginning of the opening of the 95306 site, the existing China Railway Customer Service Center, the site of the 12306 freight service function is still retained for some time. After the end of the transition period, the 12306 sites mainly carry out passenger related services, 95306 main site to carry freight related services, but for the convenience of the passenger cargo handling business, 12306 sites and 95306 sites that link to each other.

The latest data from

Chinese Railway Corporation released the first 4 months of 2015, the national rail freight traffic volume completed 11.44 tons, down 9.4%, the national railway freight 9.31 tons, down 8.6%. The official said, in the face of the current situation of railway freight transportation, the total iron has made it clear to the development of transition to modern logistics enterprises, and the construction of integrated logistics platform, will be involved in the B2B commodity trading and commodity trading B2C two core business. (skyline)