Daily topic Tencent will acquire Shanda literature Chinese network has access to the beginning of th

A5 (www.admin5.com) station network December 8th news, according to media reports, recently spread about the acquisition of Tencent raise a Babel of criticism of the grand literary trading has been basically completed, just waiting for the two sides announced. Tencent and Shanda did not respond to the matter.

Tencent on Friday to the author’s e-mail, announced that it has access to the latest third party channels – the starting point of the Chinese network. In the mail, the Tencent literature that "today, in the Tencent’s literary creation Chinese network, clouds college serial update works, staging batch access starting point Chinese network channels, to more users pay to read, on the one hand, the majority of the writers and works to enhance exposure, at the same time with the rise of subscription amount everyone, remuneration will be different degrees of growth."

for the two sides of this cooperation, Tencent literature, said the platform belongs to each other authorized access, is a normal business cooperation, other speculation declined to comment.

According to

, a grand literary website including the starting point Chinese operation network, Hongxiutianxiang network, romantic novel, literature in Jinjiang City, under the banyan tree, reading novels, Xiaoxiang College seven original literature website and network reading and listen to Shuwang topfond. At the same time, the grand literature also has the world of Chinese, Nakaji Hirofumi and poly Shi Wen Hua three books publishing company planning. Tencent literature website run including the creation of Chinese network, clouds college, mobile reading product QQ reading and QQ bookstore.

since the second half of this year, Shanda literature has been frequently reported the news of the introduction of strategic investors, Baidu, Tencent have become popular candidates. In November, the market had heard the Tencent will be the price of 5 billion yuan a wholly owned acquisition of Shanda literature, but soon after Shanda is denied, saying the new investors are not listed companies, the day will be announced.

Analysys think tank released "the third quarter of 2014 Chinese network literature market competition pattern of active users" data show that in the third quarter of 2014, 6 lines were involved in the grand literature website industry ranked in the top ten list, a market share of nearly 50%, and the creation of Chinese network, 17K network and network Chinese said small aspect accounted for only 30% of market share.

it is worth noting that, if the transaction is completed, as the current Tencent literature CEO, from the beginning of the Chinese network or Wu Wenhui will run the grand literary. And once in a grand, Tencent, Baidu utmost situation will change


industry insiders pointed out that the sale of the grand literature is another realization of Chen Tianqiao. In recent years Chen Tianqiao’s reclusive, rarely appeared in public view. His focus has shifted from corporate operations to investment and capital operation. In the first half of this year to sell six grand game network, the privatization process of Shanda entered a critical moment, CEO Zhang Xiangdong left the venture. In addition, there are a number of subsidiaries were sold to Alibaba.

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