Sources said the second hand Taobao business idle fish will split independent operating valuation ov

[TechWeb] November 25th news reports, sources told TechWeb that Taobao’s idle trading community free fish will be split, set up a special division of independent operation, and follow the "rookie division" mode introduced Ali outside investment.

news that Taobao used the business idle fish will split the independent operating valuation over $3 billion

the source said that at present a number of domestic and foreign venture capital fund has been to Ali Park in Xixi, the relevant matters in the negotiations, the introduction of foreign investment on the incident, a number of investment funds, including Sequoia Capital, IDG Chinese expressed investment intention.

it is reported that in June last year, the official launch of the free fish APP, currently more than 200 thousand daily idle items were successfully sold, the capital market for idle fish valuation has more than $3 billion. After the business independently, similar to the "rookie" and "ants", "small shrimp".

TechWeb contact Ali related personnel, the other said it would not comment. (Zhou Xiaobai)