The Ministry of Finance website cited public anger attacks promise and then deny in succession

Investment in May 30th (the Yuan Xiaodi volcano News)     May 30th afternoon just closing, netizens rebellion, the Ministry of Finance website under attack, has been unable to access the website of the Ministry of finance, the author opens  found that it was unable to open. Up to now, the official has not yet responded to the matter.

          the cause of the event may be related to the Ministry of Finance issued a stamp duty earlier this morning, which led to the collapse of the Chinese stock market. Early on the morning of May 30th, the Ministry of Finance announced: to further promote the healthy development of the securities market, approved by the State Council, the Ministry of Finance decided from May 30, 2007 onwards, the securities transaction stamp tax rate (stock), from the current 1 to 3 per thousand per thousand. That is for sale, inheritance, gift books A and B shares of equity transfer according to the book, read by both parties respectively according to the rate of 3 per thousand (stock) the payment of securities transaction stamp tax.

          this is a very normal policy, but in two days ago, officials of the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on the tax increase were rumors over the rumor, said they had not heard this news. But industry insiders, such a major policy is certainly not hastily introduced, and late in the evening introduced this move is not understood.

            the Ministry of Finance on policy based on promise and then deny in succession, huzuohuyou, today the market slump hurt investors will have to spearhead the Ministry of finance, this behavior is likely to be affected by the loss of investors in the collapse of the vent for. (end)