Me and VC’s story (2) – give you a big project

for the dream of the people, how much I will explain.

is perhaps the VC into my dream because of the 04 years I was ready to VC.

in did not come out before the 2004, bubble hall in September to break 700 thousand people online at the same time, there is no doubt that the most popular online games.

with the bubble Hall of the hot, Q version of the game figure gradually returned to the sight of people, and now think about it, this is really an interesting coincidence. Yes, that year, I was in the normal operation of the site, began to create a new Chinese cartoon image, a lovely dinosaur. People are full of mystery and fantasy of the animals, the image of the year there are many, still exist in my computer. Send some, we look at.

in accordance with the requirements of the project Vc said, from the very beginning to do a lot of hard and meticulous preparation, once the effort, simple to use some figures to describe it.

has registered these cartoons for nearly 1 years, thanks to the efficient government;

Xi’an – Beijing 4 times, the only time the so-called morning travel, landed at BeiJing Capital Airport, to Zhongguancun on the way, was to see the Tiananmen, until 07 years once again went to Beijing to find, go to Zhongguancun now, Chang’an Avenue is not the only way which must be passed.

spent 640 thousand to 10 other dinosaurs expensestatement registration and a single sample and calls, some are active flowers, some are forced to, really, Bibi is the meat out the same feeling, but I will stop the pain! Every time when you give yourself the pain to limit repeat VC words: Well, if your project is not Yo, as long as the project, should make more money.

now recall, remember a few more representative VC words,

we are very interested in your project, but you do not have a trademark, and this thing is more difficult to register, there is nothing to talk about, so you go to register to run, we came down to seriously.

I went to Beijing for security doors are gone, Vc said sorry can not be estimated to prospect.

Vc says big project…… This big project is to be far, far to see the future, sorry, sorry ah.

Vc for 04 years, shortsight, a little sissy.


Vc, sissy woke up my dream.

that year my website ranked 10 thousand and 5, monthly income of 2000 yuan, the staff of 3 (and his wife and a friend).

(to be continued, "I and the story of Vc (3) – Vc is crazy")