For the new Taobao mall fake sellers cluster rights has been questioned


September 7th, Hangzhou Taobao mall headquarters, came to the rights of sellers and reception staff in theory.


Taobao mall, a merchant received extortion information, received network protection fee 999 yuan". Network screenshot


He Lei took the consumer information about their purchase experience.


September 7th, Hangzhou Taobao mall headquarters, came to the rights of businesses to play slogans, hoping to get a reasonable explanation.

online shopping, consumers are most concerned about the quality of goods.

is designed to protect the interests of consumers, the new measures to combat counterfeiting, is the Taobao mall implementation. Due to the mysterious means and severe punishment, questioned by some businesses.

merchants who said sampling, punishment should be carried out by the third party law enforcement agencies, should not be Taobao mall unilateral implementation.

said, "Taobao mall" have hope in public law enforcement departments, "but a lot of things we can only do the."

experts believe that Taobao mall is the rules, rules of executives, industry and commerce, quality supervision and play a role, highlighting the lag of relevant laws and regulations of the online shopping.

this year’s golden week, Wang Wei is also busy.

in previous years these days, the name of Taobao mall businesses are busy selling.

is now busy preparing for the prosecution, the lawyer, wrote the complaint, but also to the "Taobao mall" for "breach of contract" that charge, he is suing their club, "Taobao mall".

prepared to sue with Wang Wei, as well as the Taobao mall, a dozen businesses. They are from a "Tmall (also known as Taobao mall) please return my deposit inside the QQ group, more than 200 businesses in common, suffered a" Taobao mall "mysterious sampling, detained 10 thousand to 100 thousand range margin.

Wang Wei and other businesses that this mysterious sampling is simply "in a sneaky way sampling, and not transparent.

"mysterious sampling businesses for fake

sampling is part of the staff incarnation buyers, the other part is the recruitment of mysterious buyers

, "my heart is in my throat. In the past Ali Wangwang (Taobao mall official software for consumers and businesses to communicate shopping etc.) do not flash, burning with impatience. Now Ali Wangwang is not a guard, the mysterious "

inspection division?

QQ group, the spread of panic, complain >