Biography Taobao’s free fish will be split Alibaba declined to comment

November 26th news before the news that Taobao’s idle trading community free fish will be split, set up a special division of independent operation, and follow the "rookie division" mode introduced Ali outside investment. Alibaba said it would not comment on the response.

, according to informed sources, the well-known venture capital fund at home and abroad, has visited Ali Park in Xixi, on matters relating to "close consultation". The current capital market valuation of idle fish has more than $3 billion. At the same time it is said that the introduction of external capital, including Sequoia China, IDG capital, including a number of investment funds are multi secret negotiations.

data show that the idle fish line on June 2014, in addition to the credit system backed by Alipay and Taobao transaction evaluation system, idle fish also introduced specialized digital recyclers, second-hand car recycling operators and three party B participants, assist in the completion of digital goods, second-hand vehicle valuation and transaction. Data show that, after a year of development, the current user idle fish has completed one million to one hundred million users of the total amount and leap, the platform has formed more than 50 thousand large and small idle trading community ("pond"), daily over 200 thousand idle items were successfully sold.