From retail to buy reduced my inventory

graduated from the university last year, has not found a satisfactory job, with foreign language can also (after 6, read and write simple no problem, that is enough. Sweat!!), in a Shige drive began trying to start Ebay life. I sold on Ebay XX, (a cousin in middle, in the XX factory can get cheaper in the end of a single foreign trade). Because the price is cheap, the quality is good. After the beginning of the arduous exploration, gradually understand the Ebay and PayPal (the international popular online payment, similar to the domestic Alipay) of the entire process, oh monthly sales are gradually stabilized at around $2000, and the day is basically is not sorrow.

business after the start, I hope to be able to do more. I began to no longer satisfied with the end of a single foreign trade, because the number of styles and it is too unstable. I began to take the initiative to find some of the popular style, through the factory version of production. Hand also slowly some inventory, but this time, the problem appeared. Because of their own version of the production is often the smallest number of requirements, I have a significant increase in capital occupation and inventory pressure.

familiar with Ebay friends know, Ebay for a number of articles published with strict rules and high costs, give me hope that as soon as possible the idea of consuming inventory poured cold water. Plainly, this is a retail website C2C. During that time, although I did a record high sales, but I also encountered difficulties in the first transfer of funds.

have to think of ways to consume inventory, increase the frequency of transfer of funds. With the wholesale way, to the B2B platform to try? This is good, but I was just a new foreign trade business, in the initial stage, which have so much money to buy hundreds of thousands, or even tens of thousands of membership? And I also have many companies, wholesale trade process is not very clear.

when I and the Ebay / Shige communicate these confused, the accident that he has recently been playing Facebook (the world’s largest social network SNS, unfortunately, now there is no access to the domestic, but also in the above) found an application called GroupBuyer (Application). He suggested that I also do a good job, a rough look seems to be based on a group of e-commerce platform. Group buying, as the name suggests, is not a lot of people to buy a product and a one-time sale of the same paragraph more than the product of the seller is not a kind of wholesale with retail characteristics?!

although I have a little recognition of this model, but after all, never heard of GroupBuyer, really solve my problem, open up a new sales channels?. And I soon found in the above published commodity is completely free, the transaction cost in the transaction only charge a certain percentage after (this is my understanding, the official statement is in the buyer to pay group purchase websites, margin not sellers charge any fees), anyway, unlike Ebay, sell sell.