Viral marketing theory and Practice

viral marketing is a commonly used network marketing methods, commonly used in website promotion, brand promotion, etc.. Viral marketing is the use of the principle of reputation spread, on the Internet, the mouth is more convenient, you can quickly spread like a virus, so viral marketing has become an efficient way to disseminate information and, because of this spontaneous communication between users, so almost no cost the means of network marketing.

Feng Yingjian in "network marketing" theory and practice about viral marketing is not really the way to spread the virus marketing, but through word-of-mouth propaganda network users, information spread like a virus and spread, spread to thousands and millions of fast copy the audience. In addition to the Internet, viral marketing has been known as word of mouth, media leverage, network marketing, etc..

viral marketing classic example is

1, e-mail address and provide free services;
3, then, people use the free e-mail to friends or colleagues to send information;

‘s famous e-commerce consultant Ralph F. Dr. Wilson will be an effective viral marketing strategy is summarized into six basic elements:

1, to provide valuable products or services;
6, using the resources of others.

According to Liu Jia

Chinese credit talent network "occupation credit + online recruitment" location, the current time period is just the recruiting season, and network recruitment methods by college graduates welcome, determine the selection of viral marketing as one of the country’s credit publicity means to the university talent network.

now has HiAll, graduating students, such as job search sites dedicated to college jobs, to seek to provide valuable services to the difference, you have to analyze from the perspective of the user’s needs. This year’s graduates, especially the well-known college students in the process of participating in the famous enterprises can not be avoided