Women love to shop online love men how to pay

"the woman loves the natural and unrestrained, the man likes the beautiful, does not know the ground to be infatuated with you……" Han Baoyi a song "you are beautiful", now changed to "women love shopping, men love the Internet, imperceptibly paid the money", is also very practical! / laughing down.

A few days ago

watching TV, like the CCTV financial channel, is Tiexue CEO Jiang Lei chat show, although I am utterly ignorant of military and related products, but because it is the nature of the network, so it is still interesting to see, the entire interview process is not so new meaning:

because of the interest – choice of entrepreneurial twists and turns received the first pot of gold – the weather is unpredictable, entrepreneurial affected, facing the choice of whether to give up your family support (or against) – ultimately persevered, achieved enviable impressive achievement. After reading, almost forgotten today, watching the news station, see the article on the net profit for four consecutive years, 2011 military sales amounted to 100 million, gross profit of about 4~5 million reported, from the understanding of the digital site of bovine X.

How to do

website technology how, we do not say, too many people, but can be combined with the concept of the site some of the details from the aspects of human nature, especially in the virtual network, allowing users to pay in, it is not easy. We look at some of the surface of the phenomenon, to analyze the success of these sites is how to do.


a, first popular, there may be orders.

other words, now the electricity supplier website very much, but most people enter your website, there is no specific purchase intention, look away, not only because it was in the user does not have the purchase intention, and the important reason is not to trust the site, if there is a community, often publish or discuss some can play "eye effect" theme, can often gather some users, so managers are also involved, with the user to mingle, naturally, with the popularity of the pool, your ecommerce site products can be purchased.

two, seize the rigid needs of male users

Otherwise we cannot

a little, relatively speaking, men should be more rational, therefore, than women in the purchase of the product, the male thinking is more, around the rigid demand therefore, even if your product that is not able to move as if it were raining flowers, male users. In the introduction of the product, it is more suitable to be practical and functional description.

three, don’t ignore the power behind the man

although a man more rational consumption, but most of the time, or with a woman. For example, a woman sees something, let a man to buy a spoiled, men will come to pay. On the other hand, for men, if a woman feels like she’s going to buy her a man’s time, that’s all