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Ali and SAIC announced an Internet car strategic cooperation has been two years, and the two combined to create the first domestic Internet car finally officially unveiled, the focus of two days of Internet and automobile industry are discussed in this upcoming equipped with Roewe RX5 YunOS system.

the car of the configuration, performance and function of the Internet are basically broke the mining almost, but the Internet car has a detailed explanation of the function is not much, is the conference provided photographs of the car, I think, maybe this function in the future will produce unexpected market effect.

shooting features along with the evolution of intelligent hardware

in the PC Internet era, whether it is a desktop or a laptop, the original camera is not standard, but with these smart devices has gradually become a part of life, especially the popularity of instant messaging software, video chat chat become the user just need the camera as a required function of PC.

in the mobile Internet era, almost no camera can not see the phone, and some mobile phone manufacturers regard the camera as a highlight feature. But it wasn’t like that at first. Mobile phone as a communication tool, take pictures and not too much significance, but with the evolution of equipment, in order to meet the needs of users and share the aesthetic appeal, camera and battery life, performance, memory chip as a smart mobile phone will be one of the options.

for the car, Infiniti, BMW, Volvo and other high-end cars already have 360 car models equipped with a panoramic camera, if the camera from the car’s point of view, we often see the reality show and some foreign car self funny video through the movement of the camera is placed in the car to complete the shooting.

as the world’s first mass production of Internet vehicles, Ali and SAIC to join the concept of taking pictures of the car. It is understood that the car has 9 cameras, there are 4 external motion camera. No dead inside the car, 360 panoramic shooting outside the car, coupled with the trajectory, you can get less than the intention of the photo, the following is a photo released on the conference.

camera car for many people, is probably not essential functions, even make people feel for the self interested but chicken ribs, 80, 90 Internet indigenous people, it can be called a feature of

At least

Internet car proved a thing to the industry, the car has more tall on the ability to take pictures, as can become cars required, but also the specific application scenarios, and can meet the demands of.

Internet car shooting feature full of imagination

RX5 and Roewe may not think of how to take more practical functions for the Internet can let the car, car, camera is the necessary standard function, as for how users with access to the Internet, then can have very much imagination. So, we might as well imagine, take a look at the Internet with the camera function >