With the careless handling of nternet brand marketing you should avoid what pit

brand how important? Look at the highly competitive mobile phone market will be able to know. As of 2016, iPhone China’s market share of 8.2%, but it took the smart phone market profit of 91% of the amount of. The American company, which relies on its brand and innovation, has outsourced all of its operations beyond its core, but has won worldwide attention and recognition. For many companies, the root in competition in the Red Sea is the brand weak, although the strong brand dream but eventually not well. The widespread use of the Internet, the company has a sense of brand awareness of the transition line, the Internet brand marketing will continue to put into practice. Years of observing network marketing, pilotage baldgood due to lack of experience found improper methods, Internet brand marketing transformation way too many companies do not open.


brand name: good size has been successful half

good horse with a good saddle, a good brand name, is the beginning of brand marketing. The search engine company Baidu justice "he found the degreeses, Alibaba’s name comes from an ancient myth of wealth, the brand name in the past, its associated story has been known to every family, nature can be a very good brand power. Although the good name of There is not much left. Bo king is recommended, but the pilot named brands follow "Xindaya" three principles, namely justice, credible, spread up to the elegant artistic conception. For example, many years ago, Shanghai has a web design company named ugly customer network, heard the name, how will you feel? In addition, the brand name to evade the search engine to identify barriers (see below), otherwise it will lose a lot of opportunities to show the brand.



brand positioning: no personality to talk about what shape attributes

relatively speaking, the success of the brand’s personality is always unique, such as Volvo is always a safe lead, Louis Weedon delivered to the noble and luxury. The success of the brand to do brand positioning, always bring some enlightenment. Science said that the brand positioning should be in the name of the brand, positioning is to determine the brand personality. For example, the brand oriented user groups, including the brand of the product category, the brand of consumer class, etc.. However, many companies do not have a sense of brand positioning, but with the company’s main business changes, and constantly adjust the positioning and attributes of the brand. Brand marketing on the Internet before the execution must be accurately for the purpose of brand, otherwise blindly into execution will only half or even counterproductive.


brand communication: a word of mouth to achieve brand

refers to the Internet brand marketing, many people first thought is to publish news and other methods to improve the brand and related content exposure. Indeed, a large number of brands in a short period of time, indeed