Site planning and website promotion basis

to talk about the site planning and website promotion how to start? That is, if the enterprise website promotion and site planning is based on what the problem.

enterprise website operators should make use of the characteristics of the Internet and their accurate positioning of the target market, so that more potential customers to know your site and become repeat customers.

users know that the main way of the new site is (see below):

search engine: 76.3%

links to other sites: 64.7%

friends, classmates, colleagues: 53.9%

users: 30.3%

web site Daquan books such as: 17.1%

related newspapers and magazines: 36.5%

related radio and television programs: 16.4%

others: 0.5%

website promotion work should be integrated in a variety of ways: search engine login; online advertising; e-mail marketing; links; advertising exchange alliance.

Location of

in the website before certain accurate, not the direction of the ship where the wind is not the wind. Please read the website planning: website needs analysis can not be ignored.

site testing is actually a simulation of the process of user access to the site, the problem can be found to improve the design.

if the site as a formal site to operate, make each columns should be part positioning, planning program service as purpose, sub columns, page content, page content! You can have a general overall grasp and understanding on column.

services like content, sources, methods, key problems related with the tips, between columns and other columns to communicate through the connection between each column, to strengthen the whole website.

so that the site has a sense of wholeness, should be placed in the web page of some elements of penetration.

the most important thing is to accurately locate the site of the customer, this is the site can attract you really expect the direct factors of visitors. Read the site’s web page production tutorial content, to understand the relevant knowledge of web pages.

The basic elements of

is a good site for users to enter, and relevant information on this website can easily and quickly find, with the help of related sites, so do the guidance is an important work.

for web design point, line, surface is not isolated, often need to combine them to express the perfect design concept.

the use of points, lines, faces each other, each other, each other, complement each other to form the best page effect.