Like taking care of the garden 5 experiences in social media operations

lead: we will play with micro-blog, WeChat, but to play and create a different operation and. For enterprises, social media is a tool, is a marketing tool, the use of good will bring many surprises.


this is an article on how to use social media (Social Media), we will play micro-blog, WeChat, but play and operate and create different. For enterprises, social media is a tool, is a marketing tool, the use of good will bring many surprises. The image of the metaphor is very enlightening, and the author of the team said the experiment is also very convincing.

now has an analogy in our office, social media is like a garden: if you start with a plan to plan to use the right tools, and periodically remove the "weeds", you will get a booming social media; if you don’t do it you, on the media’s efforts in the society will be meaningless, just like a neglected garden.

a social media project that takes care of you can generate huge rewards, and the more time you spend on social media marketing, the greater the rewards you get.

below is a social media examiner from about 3000 marketers of the annual social media marketing industry survey several statistics:

at least half of those who have been using social media for more than three years, marketing staff, said social media does help them improve sales.

75% participants found that even if only a little over six hours per week on social media marketing, website traffic will be significantly increased.

, even with the smallest amount of time left, the vast majority of marketers (up to 89%) said they were working on social media to increase the exposure of their business.

, who has spent half a year in social media marketing for 1-2 years, says they have a new partnership through social media.

to develop a thriving social media, you need to do the following five things.

1, first have a plan

when business owners or marketers sign up for a Facebook page and Twitter account (or any other social platform), usually they just start publishing content for no reason at all…… Then think about why people don’t go to visit the page or account. Yes, there are a few lucky (mainly celebrities and major brands) have jumped to a variety of platforms, and immediately find the audience. They are exceptions. Most companies, even well-known, have to invest time and effort to get a large audience online.

to ensure that you spend time and effort on social media is worthwhile, it is necessary to develop a plan. To determine your content policy >