How to choose the right server

      how to select the appropriate server

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      online system development and improvement of today, whether it is for business or personal online stores, have their own shop is no longer a problem, now the shop procedures are basically free (such as HISHOP ECSHOP pull SHOPEX), server space, domain name service, is the real take place. Here today to talk about how to give your shop an a suitable server space, now IDC operators of the service quality good, the good and bad are intermingled, poor poor, many of us lack of knowledge of the network with the shop owner, do not know the server. Based on this, we shop system expert HiShop as a shop in the field of the system for 5 years and have their own server team think it is necessary to shop owners in the choice of server space to provide some advice.

       , 1 lines;   if you are not ready to use double server, then you should look at your choice of the market is the north or the south, why is it not too much to say that most of the earth rather than the distance between the north and south poles, Telecom and Netcom, the south is commonly used by Northern Telecom, netcom. It is best to use a double line server, it does not matter, telecommunications or netcom.

      2, ask the other side of the server is not to support your independent shop system, because the market is now on the market system permissions, the underlying configuration environment is not the same.

      3, security     security is very important for our shop owners. Especially for digital card users. Now the shop system digital card is directly put the digital card in the system which automatically shipped, although the shop system itself has been encrypted, but the server is still very important security.

      4,       speed is a very important link, a shop open home if more than 8 seconds, I think no one to see in your shop, so when we choose the server space, his speed must be fast. The most effective speed, server to server to download and upload, if the speed is about 5M/S each other is very good. My record is only 8M/S speed. (the same line), even if the 1M do not run, then you have to pick a room outside. (if it is exclusive or shared 10MB 100MB upload or download speeds of up to 1MB; if it is exclusive 100MB bandwidth, upload.