How do QQ group marketing 4 QQ group marketing skills

QQ as the platform entrance application has become a part of everyday life, like to have dinner dishes, the Internet will have QQ. The entrance of such an important nature is marketing a hotly contested spot, bear the brunt of nature is the precise crowd gathered a large number of QQ group marketing, marketing skills is seemingly a commonplace talk of an old scholar did not use up, really many people why? It is no execution, network marketing techniques are very simple, simple to just can do an IQ of 80 go, but life is indeed the lack of execution, make people more impetuous, mostly think more, do less, so, Weihai Tianyi network article is just for execution of the operation of people, as long as the rise of knowledge when watching the news like sweep is good.

QQ group marketing skills is to perform, summed up the following 4 points QQ group marketing should pay attention to the problems and methods of operation for discussion.

1, QQ group soft Wen promotion: before Weihai Tianyi network has written "3 strokes teach you to write popular soft" is very popular, need to add soft knowledge students can go to look at this article, I believe will help you. On how to add QQ group, this method a bunch of online, we can search, we discuss this article is to enter the QQ group after the operation.

in the QQ group can upload files, this function should be good, you can see there is a QQ group share the content of the document, we can according to their own marketing purposes, to write some soft wen. Here we should pay attention to: the soft not too strong, as long as the facts is good, then you need to be selling products or services with a pen, this will not be the main group to delete, won’t let you feel disgusted, of course you contact or in a group called to write clearly, so people in need will add your friends, your customers become accurate.

, 2 key figures: the main group, the group administrator, they are talking with components of the QQ group is a small society, what people have, of course, where all cannot do without the core characters, main characters is the core of natural attributes, the administrator may also be active, so if you want to work in just ways advertising in the group, remember to fix these people, Weihai Tianyi network to remind everyone to give small benefits, the so-called non profits can not afford early, you know. But pay attention to their products or services is not the key characters and their own push things overlap, the method can add friends chat, chat group chat records, see the key figures of the QQ space and other methods.

3, batch guide friend: you want to add to a person, although this way a little tired, but more practical, when friends just say you are certain groups of people, it is easy to make friends through or ask the question.

can also be the first hybrid group of acquaintances, and then disclose the transfer of interest to everyone in the chat information inadvertently, and this information is also not convenient public chat, this will save a lot of natural, people take the initiative to add you.