How to carry out positive energy marketing

"positive energy" is a kind of positive and positive motivation and emotion. With the positive energy became popular in recent years, many brands are keen to use positive energy marketing, many of which have achieved good results.

personal practice, resonate

July 26, 2015, Guangzhou temperatures up to 32 degrees Celsius, hundreds of spectators braved the heat, in the Canton Tower open-air viewing platform for more than an hour. They are used in practical action in response to the United Chinese C’estbon foundation for poverty alleviation, Chinese Social Welfare Foundation free lunch fund "in three minutes, to donate a bottle of water charity. C’estbon will also host Wang Han and the young writer Jiang Fangzhou to the scene, to share them to the "sun" understanding of public welfare, and refueling help for activities. C’estbon promise, as long as the participants in the sun for three minutes, C’estbon will for the poor to donate a bottle of water in water shortage area.

This is the latest

C’estbon brand concept "pure heart, a drop to beauty". In the fast-paced, impetuous modern society, compared to some empty empty brand slogan, sun three donated one to allow donors to personally experience the needs and feelings of donors, but also arouse people’s sympathy. At the same time, with the integration of activities reflect the action to make society better philosophy, won the recognition of consumers.

C’estbon loaded with humanities marketing, truly starting from the consumer, gained market recognition at the same time, consumers have also been collective praise.

positive energy implantation, advertising also warm heart

the past two years, with "the sun", the descendants of "Tomb notes", "the best of us" and a series of super IP hit, popular IP by advertisers by the value of its huge marketing value and the scarcity of potential, hot drama gradually become the new trend of marketing advertising. In addition to the effect of the conventional patch advertising and scene placement marketing, how to better combine with the hot drama content, and play with the audience to become the main brand communication problems.

In this

, Dongpeng drink is the industry’s example in the "good" Mr. implantation. This reputation, viewing the changes in the TV series, Eastroc drinks were highly identical implants. When the actor Lu Yuan successfully poached Western-style food cook, grass root out again after the counter attack, the audience certainly see blood boil. At this time, Eastroc drink advertising — "Lu Yuan bang bang! Awake!" occurs in a timely manner at the bottom of the screen, drive full advertising from the audience heart, also revealed Eastroc drink bring power to consumers, the achievements of the dream of the brand attitude. Similarly, when the adolescent girls Jiahe lost father’s sorrow, the actor Lu far comfort said he would have been to take care of her, two people cried together in silence, but also understand the audience, the actor of love is revealed in a sentence: "you and me." This is Dong Pengjun’s message: "you have me, and Dongpeng drink."

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