With you to understand the cosmetics marketing strategy

Are you the seller recently

micro shop speculation is very hot, but I saw a few really haven’t seen the micro store sales Niubi, do not know is WeChat’s platform does not suitable for business or marketing strategy of all problems, this is not, in order to experience such a hot feeling, I joined the micro shop cosmetics industry, I can spend a lot of money into some makeup, in the marketing activities, I made such a big investment, to get the following success.

well, see above sales, everyone will think very, in fact I of cosmetics and everyone else, not a concept, do not know how to choose cosmetics, in the time of purchase, I see that looks tall and cheap to purchase one, a word on the image above 3 dollars to sell 21 dollars, looks very good, in fact, I was doing a free marketing. Before I say my marketing methods, I need to discuss your WeChat circle of friends, whether you are need of the product, that is to say, how much is your circle of customers? Do not know if you have the budget, you share this product, how many suitable, have how many people want to buy, how many people will buy the final. I am in my circle of friends, the budget is more than and 500 people to see, more than more than and 300 people want to buy, buy the end I don’t know. How do I get this data in WeChat circle inside it? Because I stick to the following principles.

a, do not use private WeChat

I see in your WeChat circle of friends too many friends are all I have nothing to do with the products, what really matters, and I don’t want to buy temporarily, so when I do WeChat marketing, in order to avoid the friends of my advertising tired, I also apply for a new micro signal. I don’t have my own WeChat products to sell, I never sold to friends, and even a lot of friends don’t know if I sell the mask on WeChat.

two, I have a website

If you

a few friends advertising on WeChat to help you share, unless you share is not absolutely dry cargo or others, give you praise or share, because they are not your friends, so, must have their own website, bring traffic from the PC segment, of course, I spent time in the net station is not many, because the site is just a part of my drainage, the average day more than and 50 IP. I don’t have any ads on the site, is a two-dimensional code with WeChat public account, with the "polite attention", at the same time the contents of my site or dry cargo I share in WeChat’s main source, because the micro shop cannot share the dry cargo.

three, WeChat

is a new source of WeChat friends through QQ number introduction, want to know the data at the same time, and do not add to friends, then re apply for a QQ number, the data source is mainly QQ cloud marketing to me, through the website of the crawl, probably every day to grab more than and 30 precision the number of QQ. >