Said several network make money absolutely Henzhao

for those who do not have a website, how to earn. There are a number of people have been coax, often send some of those id=345 downline, as long as they can access the Internet, you can make a mess of things. That’s not for money. Let me give you some pointers. You do a page, put a few more union code.

alliance a lot of domestic, hundreds of applications for some advertising, put on a page to go.

has been so successful 1/10, the rest is doing traffic.

how do you do to promote the page out.

1) hang 20 QQ, are signed by the type of passion beauty, the requirements of the on-line automatic response state,

Tencent search online beauty every day, more than a million times, it is estimated that your 20 QQ, will be added to the 500,

if every time you automatically reply, let others to add you, let others pull friends to add you, and a little bit of your site, your ad. You just talk to him.

so, one day to deceive thousands of IP, it is easy, thousands of IP professional advertising page, the effect of how much you do know.

2) to promote your story, you do not have a story, you can not write a story on the network so many stories, you find a few touching. Signature of your "beauty" of the QQ, it is best to match some photos, photos also bring qq. And then like a. There is a master disciple told me that one day he one day in the porn site and ChinaRen (stupid owner gave him a reason, because too wonderful to cheat more than 50 thousand IP). Slow pain.

3) SEO (SEO you don’t understand) cheating, (cheating you don’t understand)?. (not to mention I hurt you) you pick the names of some popular porn sites. Erotic June day. Dozens of words, then free to make a hundred links, free blog links easily don’t want me to teach you. And then do the special keywords do your page, or domain name. No domain name?. Estimated that many domain names are willing to give you. Remember, the title is the title of these porn sites. A copy of a porn forum page, as long as a page, with a static, especially the number of posts that highlight, and so on, a page can be done realistic. Then go in and sign up. One of my disciples told me that he earned nearly ten thousand dollars a day. When I saw his website, I felt that he was better than I thought.

4) get a few free procedures, and then sell everywhere, 10, 20, a day can sell a pile.

5) daily attention down domain, especially the enterprise, out, then you can take it over, Chinese channel 3 days removed, within 3 days, you desperately call to the enterprise, tell them how important how the domain name >