Website promotion 10 methods you pick

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website promotion method, but also not untraceable methods may vary, however, it may be classified by 10 kinds of website promotion methods included here, that is to say the ten class is just a direction, owners can choose according to the direction of the ten most suitable for their own promotion, the most suitable he is the best.

the first major categories: website content is the root of the promotion, we must optimize the content of the site.

second categories: landing all kinds of search engines and site directory, can not let go of the opportunity to display their own free.

third categories: increase the viscosity of the site, allowing users to effectively settle down.

fourth categories: Based on fundamental, different industry cooperation.

fifth: good things to share to other users of the Internet: fanchon and bookmarks.

sixth categories: the Internet can borrow a lot of channels, the use of external conditions to promote.

seven categories: the application of all kinds of mass tools.

nine categories: advertising chain publicity.

the ten basic categories outlined a website promotion can use all the methods, but each class according to their own advantages to expand the webmaster, the key is the webmaster need more thinking, more practice, more exchanges.

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