Automated marketing definition marketing 4 Era

April 11th -13, Chinese international e-commerce Expo held in Zhejiang, Yiwu, from all corners of the country’s electricity supplier grand gathering, commodity e-commerce represents a superb collection of beautiful things of the tide. The development of the Internet, the development of the mobile Internet to the enterprise marketing a lot of opportunities, but also brought a lot of new topics.

marketing has gone through the 1 era of product centric, consumer centric era of the, consumer participation in the emotional marketing of the 3 era, now seems to have come to a new era. So how to define this era, how to develop Internet Marketing Trends of the blend coexist marketing mode? 2016 has been quietly over half, changes in technology and thinking collision dizzying, marketing direction gradually clear.

is now the most popular vane in the field of marketing, marketing automation (Marketing Automation). In the past three years, marketing automation has become an important part of the mainstream business in the United States, CMO market decision-making keywords, but in the country, marketing automation is facing a new growth space.

marketing automation how to change the traditional marketing methods

as an example of e-mail marketing. With the development of science and technology, e-mail has become an open ecosystem, linked to ubiquitous client. In the marketing ecosystem, e-mail marketing is a kind of mature digital channel. EDM service provider Webpower with Email+ to refer to this new mail marketing ecosystem.

it due to technological innovations as well as social media and mobile App need more born through e-mail login, ID and its natural attribute collection and analysis of mature operation management in data, and make it become a cross channel adhesive. Based on the time of automatic transmission and user driven automation to send two kinds of communication, so that digital opportunities and customer management complement each other, so that e-mail marketing on the automated express.

for example, the user has access to your site, browse a few pages of the web site, and then fill in the form, so that you can know which part he was concerned about the website, what is he interested in, he downloaded what resources. The use of marketing automation tools sales leads and summary, set up the mail list; complete form in the customer after trigger related email, planning the appropriate marketing period for potential customers and attract potential customers along the path of the marketing operation, and ultimately effective migration to CRM system of enterprise.

automation marketing saves manpower and material resources

we want to improve our quality of life, the busy work day and night marketing staff can have leisure time to drink a cup of coffee, a pleasant conversation, quietly thinking of marketing plan, then marketing automation is the inevitable choice. Yes, saving time and labor costs.

in order to improve the marketing effect, marketers usually need to spend a large