YY Li Xueling the nternet is the essence of the ecological value is the liberation of the self-empl


from reporter to editor in chief, from the dog, play to today’s YY, 100 education, it seems that Li Xueling in so many years has not slowed over the pace.

industry from an observer to a participant, along the way, Li Xueling believes that the nature of the Internet is the major league all self-employed industry acceptance criteria, the value of the product is user. Entrepreneurial opportunities in the discovery process of different industries of self-employed, entrepreneurship is a way to provide a good platform for technology, these people in terms of service.

is the value of the self-employed liberation

either previously accumulated in the field of the game, or is now involved in online education, in Li Xueling seems, is still around the core of the YY voice and video transmission technology. "The YY employs more than 1700 people, there are still about 900 people are directly engaged in product development engineers, Li Xueling believes that YY is a research and development enterprise.

with this technology, YY games, music and other entertainment related fields with ease. According to the YY results for the first quarter, the first quarter average revenue per user online game grew 24.1%, to 391 yuan; online music and entertainment business, the average revenue per user grew 61.4%, to 381 yuan.

Li Xueling believes that YY plays a role in stimulating the potential of the user in the process of entertainment, so that independent individuals get rid of the dependence on traditional offline organizations. "The Internet is the essence of ecological self-employed, we must keep the liberation of all sorts of self-employed," the reason to do so, but also because Li Xueling saw the business value from information: Internet is the essence of things, in the information development charges have been limited, as individual users once through the Internet channel the energy release, so this information will have a strong gold absorption capacity.

according to this thought, "do not understand the mode of education" Li Xueling will be modeled on to 100 on education. As the main body of education, the teacher is difficult to get its ability to match reward, while traditional education institutions did not get too many benefits, the main profit by land, rent, maintenance and other operating costs.

on the other hand, education belongs to the field of word of mouth. In the Internet, the reputation evaluation is an important standard to evaluate the user service, the combination is not only the liberation of the teacher of the self-employed group, can also provide guidance to evaluate the reference value for students.

Li Xueling believes that the evaluation of the online platform is a key factor in the establishment of the Internet economy, the spread of word of mouth to create a virtuous cycle of the Internet economy. He also pointed out that between the Internet and the self-employed should not be management relations, is the best guide and help or cooperation.

insisted on operating in this way, Li Xueling said that the Internet there are many entrepreneurial opportunities, as long as the catch similar