WeChat point like behind the gray industry chain brush like a single price of 1 to 4 cents

pure point of praise, along with the call with praise, even the point of praise can be around the earth two laps." Under the banner of such a small seller Taobao music (a pseudonym). In April this year, he registered a Taobao shop in the WeChat point like services, within two months has sold 1728 copies of membership fee, 5 yuan each.

today, WeChat has more in-depth consumer life and work, and around WeChat gray industrial chain, more and more, such as a large number of zombie micro signal plus powder, point like, WeChat public number transfer, marketing plug-in version of WeChat and other businesses are very active.

brush like a single price of 1 to 4 cents

WeChat control Shen Jie in Xinjiekou, an accounting firm to go to work, usually circle of friends often turn to the set like lottery link. Yesterday she saw a Nike collection of 52 pairs of shoes to send lovers, could not help but want to try. But also afraid of the collection attracted attracted WeChat friends, a friend reminded her to go to buy Taobao praise".

is a small music Shen Jie selected seller. He told reporters that some time ago the popular platform with machines like brush, 1 to 4 cents each price range, but it is very easy to be aware of the title and WeChat. He started the original manual brush praise mode, he built a group of more than and 10 hundred WeChat group, the group is a real group of friends seeking praise, the group of friends praise each other. After you take the baby to pay 5 yuan, I pull you into the group, the equivalent of a strange friend to you, point praise is not illegal. Considering the group of friends may not be online at any time, need 20 to 40 likes to shoot a group of 80 to 120, it took three groups, the more you shoot the more praise." Xiao Le theory.

reporter found Taobao search, engaged in WeChat point like shop up to dozens, and some sellers trading volume over a thousand pens. In the small music shop comments, there are a lot of buyers have to leave the message to participate in the activities of the end of the collection of praise is not very reliable, but the praise of the group as well as the efficiency of the group are satisfied.

plus V unit number asking price of thousands of yuan

yesterday afternoon, Jeky has been busy on Taobao parity. 33 year old in Dahongmen dry clothing business for the past 7 years, would like to open a public number to do brand promotion. But I do not know how to certification and management, they thought of universal Taobao sellers.

reporter survey found that, at present, there are two kinds of public certification number of foreign sales, one is the unit + individual number, one is the unit number.

no public want authentication, key is to subscribe to one of the fans need to break 500, while Taobao "powder is not difficult, someone with a lot of mobile phone zombies registration number, WeChat public store number sold, raising number. A "MAX – small team" Taobao shop owner told reporters that he currently has two personal number orchid travel Moumou "and" brand children’s clothing Cai assignment, fans are more than and 500, of which about 100 live fans, the price of 200 yuan. We can also give you a private custom public number, 200 yuan, I’ll give you the number of plus 500 fans and through certification."