Chokedamp cover gas network marketing is no longer at ease

with the development of the network, the traditional way of marketing began to decline, whether it is flyers or media channels, the effect and the hit rate is no longer the ideal height. Now private and studio team began to focus more on the marketing network, after all, this is a new field, plasticity is strong, profit depth is more attractive.


is based on the above two points, we began to expand the overheated development of network marketing, micro-blog, WeChat, high streets and back lanes, and even some people in the recruitment of all hit the network recruitment of this skill and service, we desperately overdraft so-called marketing, but forget the fundamental marketing. That is to remove the concept itself, marketing is facing who?

yes, as the chain for the emperor, content is king. As the core of marketing, the customer must be its main axis. In the program plan, from the customer’s point of view, to distinguish between the core interests and service levels. But now most of the time, everyone seems to forget that this is a fundamental thought, to maximize marketing flow, pay attention to the exposure of the news, gossip, the essence of integrity of ideas and practices have started from the user.

gorgeous doesn’t explain what, when actually you will find his copy of Nothing is right. At least in my opinion, when a small creative packaging will bring unexpected harvest. Although it is not worth mentioning, but from the customer feedback is that we as a seller’s intentions. For example, Meizu intimate cell phone box, which is a manifestation of corporate culture. Another example of a store to sell the memory card will be randomly presented as a screwdriver, marketing is no longer empty, but in reality from the inside out and responsible.

but now we really did not notice it, the customer is no longer a spindle marketing system for everything, but a puppet, in fact, we can from the customer’s body of the core competitiveness of our products in? Competitors of our biggest threat and what are we? Only by selling products, customer groups analysis, competitors and market analysis to every little bit from the practice of their perfect marketing scheme. Like Tencent, its independent research and development ability really strong, but also can not be said to be a square, but it is by virtue of learning ability in order to realize his opponent out beyond, which is a network marketing intelligence.

In fact, there are many myths about

industry marketing, such as Wang Laoji’s marketing, such as beauty marketing, such as a car model, these successful model has been read in the heart of everyone, everyone is trying to copy method to achieve their goals, but in the fierce competition in the network era want to do network marketing, we must abandon the old. The success of previous methods only on behalf of the past, now pay attention to is the initiative to attack. Want to do network marketing, we should abandon the waiting and mend type. At this time the role of SEO is reflected, in fact, in my opinion, the search engine marketing is not just a competitive ranking >