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I am going to do an industry website, these days need to choose a suitable IDC service provider server hosting or leasing. But the feeling of this line of management is not standardized, the choice is particularly difficult for newcomers. To help others is to help yourself. I use YAHOO to build a forum. We write out the specific service IDC service providers own website and use the other friends can evaluate this station access, download and other aspects of the situation, so that other people choose to have a very good reference.


URL: ***********

: at

, IDC service providers

specific services: (here, the more detailed the better, for example, the computer room, single line, single line, telecommunications or Netcom, bandwidth, server configuration, etc.).

each web site please send a new post to let other friends.

help others is to help yourself! Webmaster friends let us act!

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this is not an advertisement article, but from the heart of mutual assistance, please Admin5 administrator support! Thank you!