Grassroots Adsense website promotion five points of actual combat experience

website promotion has been "a commonplace talk of an old scholar" thing, a lot of people are saying, are also doing, and the promotion of the website for us is also very important, the website established, if not pushed out, even in good standing will be flooded, the purchase of advertising is one of the most effective methods of website promotion, but this is not for our webmaster grassroots and practical, we don’t have so much money into advertising, therefore, promote the free effective and reasonable use is very important.

"is a grassroots, for common and effective methods about these methods, through long-term practice, the effect is also very good, now posted and mutual encouragement:

1, the use of such questions and answers Baidu site

Baidu know, ask the question and answer, Tencent are good promotion platform, here it is very reasonable to promote effective promotion on these platforms, we must seize their context, otherwise, will only be futile, after combat, found that Baidu is the most severe, Tencent, there is relatively good so, in the use of Baidu’s product promotion time must not overdo sth..

2, valuable soft Wen promotion

many people hate soft Wen, whether it is good or bad? The only neutral! Poor soft, many people will Paizhuan, self defeating, but good quality soft, you can not only learn some knowledge of their needs, and many owners will also help you to reprint.

3, the use of the third party hosting blog

soft Wen effects can not be ignored, but it is easy to be deleted, so we should effectively use the third party blog, like Sina, the NetEase can establish a blog hosting site, we can share our soft here, don’t worry will be deleted, relying on their relatively high weight to promote the development of your site.

4, the rational use of communication tools

communication tools refers to this kind of QQ e-mail and Internet tools, these free tools that can help us to improve the flow of Internet information explosion era, this kind of tool has been many webmaster used too much, a lot of people are more sensitive to this kind of information, so we should use hate, reasonable. Not let you hair advertising in the group, but to actively participate in the discussion and interaction, let more people know you, understand you, further contact your site.

5, website SEO optimization

this is the current method used by many people, through the SEO website optimization can not only reasonable, can effectively provide rankings, bring traffic to the site, the specific method is not to say, there are many websites, that need to pay attention to the East, SEO optimization will be the risk of K, so, in when do the optimization, to optimize the moderate and moderate, severe SEO will give you the website

brings a fatal disaster.