Eighth website profitable website to explore

At first, do stop, think good advertising alliance, all the money raised.

2006 is the winter of the Internet, "good people" is also very poor, have become "Huang Shiren".

to me, selling the software, if we had made a professional forum, now will be very good.

did not adhere to, always think advertising alliance Qian Haozhuan, registered a mobile phone film is 15 yuan, a customized ringing tone 8.

unexpectedly, further down the road……… Farther away.

you selling cards, is a sum of income.

is your idea of a little.

and the official website of the price difference is more. Look at the following contrast.

Kingsoft antivirus 2006 set boxed product list

includes: Installation CD, user manual, genuine user service card

the national retail price: 198 yuan

How much money

this profit can not be said to be almost 100%. And it’s absolutely genuine.

change mode, "Huang Shiren" don’t work, not to earn what money.

10000ip it station, I do not believe that a month to sell 20 sets of related software products.

virus rampant today, what are the most fire, I do not have to say, you are smarter than me.

official 30 yuan rising RMB, in the Taobao platform and 7 yuan can get the goods.

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