Inside a royal rift whats really going on with William and Harry

When they were boys, Prince William and Prince Harry were travelling to Highgrove with their mother, when they began bickering in the back of the car. An increasingly irritated Diana, Princess of Wales, finally snapped and told the squabbling pair that they would return to Kensington Palace if they did not stop misbehaving. It was Harry who piped up first. “I don’t care what you do,” he retorted, in front of nanny Olga Powell and Ken Wharfe, the princess’s bodyguard. “I’m not going to be king so I will be able to do whatever I like!” exclaimed the mischievous youngster. “All the adults in the car looked at each other and thought, where the hell did that come from?” Wharfe has recalled. “There… read more

Slovenia without Bilbija at EHF EURO 2012

After injury of Jure Natek, Slovenia will play at the EHF EURO 2012 in Serbia without left back, Nenad Bilbija. Left back of German second League team, GWD Minden has problem with Achilles tendon, which will take him from the court for one and a half month. He will be replaced by youngstar, Borut Mackovsek. ← Previous Story Antequera with an emergency meeting! Next Story → Swedish star, Kim Andersson: “2012 my last year in NT”

Nvidia Shield teardown reveals massive battery modular design

first_imgWhat secrets lurk within the 20-ounce handheld gaming beast that is the Nvidia Shield? Geeky gamers have been dying to find out, and as usual iFixit was all too happy to take on the task.The $300 turned out to be fairly simple to crack open — it’s no Microsoft Surface or MacBook Air. A pair of screwdrivers, some tweezers, and few plastic prying tools later and the Shield was split in two and ready for a closer examination.As you might expect, its guts aren’t all that different than any smartphone or tablet on the market. Sure, they’re housed inside a controller-shaped chassis, but the core components remain the same. There’s a small single-board computer with Nvidia’s Tegra 4 SoC inside, and it’s attached to a 5-inch 1080p display like the one in the Galaxy S4.One big change from an Android phone is the Shield’s battery. It packs roughly three times the juice of most smartphones into what looks suspiciously like three AA-sized Lithium cells joined inside a plastic frame. It’s rated for 7350mAh (over 50% larger than the battery in the Nexus 7) and ensures the Shield can handle marathon gaming sessions.iFixit appreciated the fact that many of the components that are likely to wear out are easy to replace. The button assembly and analog sticks come out on their own, so they shouldn’t be expensive (or difficult) to replace if you manage to mash them long and hard enough to break them down. The battery required a bit more work, but at least Nvidia didn’t glue it in like some companies do.And…surprise! The shield-shape hunk of metal on the Shield’s back is held in place by nothing more than magnets. Given that it’s that easy to pop off, it’s easy to imagine that Nvidia has plans to offer some personalization options. At the very least, those of you who have access to a desktop laser engraver will be able to scribe some nifty designs onto it.last_img read more

Kouri returned to Corinth

first_imgThe archaeological museum of Ancient Corinth welcomed two ancient ‘Kouros’ statues to its collection during a special ceremony this week.The two statues, named the ‘Kouri [plural] of Tenea’ were unearthed by antiquities smugglers during an illegal excavation in the Klenies district of southern Corinth prefecture. After the police arrested the smugglers in May 2010, the statues were sent to the National Archaeological Museum in Athens for restoration. According to police, the smugglers had demanded 10 million euros for the statues. The ‘Kouros’ statues, eponymous Archaic-period marbles figures depicting young teen and young adult males, were returned to the archaeological museum of Ancient Corinth, during a special ceremony and are on display in a specially designed exhibition hall at the museum. Greek Culture Minister Pavlos Geroulanos represented the government. Source: Athens News Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Syndrome de West symptômes traitement quest ce que lépilepsie du nourrisson

first_imgSyndrome de West : symptômes, traitement, qu’est ce que l’épilepsie du nourrisson ?Le syndrome de West est une forme d’épilepsie du nourrisson qui se caractérise par des séries de spasmes. Cette maladie rare entraîne souvent un ralentissement dans le développement psychomoteur de l’enfant. Le syndrome de West : qu’est-ce que c’est ?Appelé aussi « spasmes infantiles », le syndrome de West est une forme rare d’épilepsie qui se déclenche généralement vers l’âge de 5 mois. La maladie se manifeste par des séries de contractions musculaires involontaires. Le bébé se contracte alors soudainement en se repliant sur lui-même et en ayant parfois les yeux révulsés. Ces spasmes se font le plus souvent en séries et peuvent se répéter plusieurs fois par jour. Bien que ces contractions musculaires puissent disparaître avec un traitement, le syndrome de West peut souvent entraîner des séquelles intellectuelles et psychomotrices. Entre les crises, même si l’enfant ne montre pas de signe d’épilepsie, son cerveau continue tout de même à fonctionner de façon anormale. A long terme, le syndrome de West peut endommager le cerveau de l’enfant et causer un retard de développement. Le syndrome de West touche plus souvent les garçons que les filles et concerne une naissance sur 22 000 à 34 000.Quels sont les symptômes du syndrome de West ?Le syndrome de West survient généralement avant le premier anniversaire de l’enfant et le plus souvent vers l’âge de 5 mois. Les symptômes peuvent toutefois apparaître dès la naissance et jusqu’à ce que l’enfant ait atteint ses cinq ans. Le diagnostic du syndrome de West sera confirmé par un électroencéphalogramme, un examen qui permet d’enregistrer l’activité électrique du cerveau. Le syndrome de West se manifeste par des contractions musculaires du corps, aussi appelées spasmes, qui surviennent le plus souvent au moment du réveil. Ces spasmes se font généralement en flexion, c’est-à-dire que l’enfant se recroqueville sur lui-même en repliant ses bras et ses jambes. Les contractions peuvent aussi, dans de rares cas, se faire en extension. L’enfant tend alors brusquement ses jambes, ses bras et sa nuque vers le haut ou sur le côté. Les spasmes, qui ne durent normalement pas plus de deux secondes, surviennent en séries. Un enfant ou un bébé peut ainsi avoir des salves d’une dizaine de spasmes qui reviennent toutes les 30 secondes. Une crise peut ainsi durer plusieurs minutes et peut se répéter plusieurs fois par jour. Chez certains enfants, on peut remarquer que les yeux se révulsent au moment des spasmes alors que chez d’autres, ce mouvement des yeux peut être l’unique symptôme. Si, entre les crises, l’enfant ne présentent pas de symptômes particuliers, après celles-ci, l’enfant pleure en général beaucoup. Le syndrome de West peut endommager le cerveau et on assiste souvent à un retard ou à un ralentissement du développement psychomoteur chez les enfants qui en sont atteints. Cela peut se traduire par un retard dans l’acquisition de la position assise, de la marche, de la propreté ou du langage. Certains enfants peuvent même perdre certaines capacités qu’ils avaient déjà acquises. La gravité de ces retards de développement varie cependant énormément d’un enfant à l’autre. Les causes du syndrome de WestLe syndrome de West est dû dans 70 à 80% des cas à une anomalie du cerveau. On parle alors de syndrome de West symptomatique puisque des signes d’endommagement du cerveau sont présents avant même l’apparition des premières crises. Ces lésions peuvent être dues notamment à un manque d’oxygène à la naissance, à une malformation ou encore à une infection comme une encéphalite ou une méningite. Dans 10% des cas cependant, le bébé ne présente aucune lésion au cerveau et se développe normalement avant l’apparition des premiers spasmes. On parle alors de syndrome de West idiopathique. Enfin, dans certains cas, les causes du syndrome de West restent inconnues. Traitement du syndrome de WestLe traitement du syndrome de West a pour but d’arrêter ou de diminuer les spasmes et de corriger l’activité anormale du cerveau. La prise en charge se fait au cas pour cas et consiste en une combinaison de différents médicaments antiépileptiques. Le vigabatrin est sans doute le médicament le plus prescrit pour le traitement de la maladie. Alors que dans certains cas, ce seul médicament suffit, pour d’autres patients, on devra y associer d’autres médicaments comme des corticoïdes afin d’augmenter l’efficacité du traitement.  D’autres antiépileptiques peuvent également être utilisés comme le felbamate, la valproate de sodium ou la lamotrigine. Chez certains enfants toutefois, ces médicaments ne parviennent pas à arrêter les spasmes et dans des cas exceptionnels, une opération au cerveau pourra être envisagée. À lire aussiACC (anticoagulants circulants) : définition, rôle, comment analyser les résultats ?Il faut savoir qu’à l’âge de cinq ans, les spasmes ont généralement disparus, mais que plusieurs enfants conservent un retard psychomoteur. Ces enfants pourront alors être accompagnés par différents spécialistes comme un kinésithérapeute, un psychomotricien, un ergothérapeute ou encore un orthophoniste afin de récupérer un peu, en partie ou complètement leur retard. Chaque cas étant différent, il est en effet impossible de prévoir quelles seront les séquelles physiques et intellectuelles dues à un syndrome de West. Le 27 juin 2016 à 16:12 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Darmian expects a big challenge for United

first_imgThe Manchester United defender believes Juventus will be extra difficult in the UEFA Champions League match on WednesdayEnglish Premier League club Manchester United will play against Italian Lega Serie A side Juventus in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday.And for the Red Devils’ full-back Matteo Darmian, there is a big challenge ahead, having played against the Bianconeri when he played for Torino.“I think Juventus are a very big club, one of the biggest clubs in the world,“ the 28-year-old was quoted by Goal.Romelu Lukaku, Inter MilanLukaku backed to beat Ronaldo in Serie A scoring charts Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Former Inter Milan star Andy van der Meyde is confident Romelu Lukaku will outscore Cristiano Ronaldo in this season’s Serie A.“For sure, they are the biggest club in Italy and they have won the last seven Serie A (titles) so everyone wants to beat them. They are a very good team and it will be a difficult game.”“They have good organization and are a compact team so it’s difficult to score against them, so we have to be focused and try to score and win the game,” he added.“Cristiano [Ronaldo] was the biggest signing of the summer transfer window,” Darmian said.“We all know the quality of Cristiano, but he’s not the only one we have to look out for because they have a lot of good players, not only up front but also in midfield and defense.”last_img read more

Facebook should be punished not broken up

first_img Culture Tech Industry Internet It’s going to require government agencies to slap Facebook so hard when it screws up that its executives will worry more about screwing up again than following the now-abandoned motto, “Move fast and break things.”The hardest part, though, will be that it’s going to require us, the people, to demand Facebook be better.That will be the hardest bit of it all.Because, after years of nonstop scandal, we’re still telling Facebook it’s OK. We say it’s OK every time we log in, helping Facebook continue growing its user base — which is up more than 8 percent since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke last year.We say it’s OK every time we click an ad in our newsfeed, “like” something on Instagram or use Messenger to share a link to our friends.That’s why I agree with Hughes that something must be done. “If we do not take action, Facebook’s monopoly will become even more entrenched,” he wrote.But breaking up Facebook won’t do the job. We need to force the company to change. And we need to do it as soon as possible.  37 The push to punish Facebook are getting serious. Getty Images There’s a new clarion call in the tech industry: It’s time to break up Facebook. But it’s not actually what people want. What they ought to say is, “Let’s punish Mark Zuckerberg.”These people are angry. I’m angry too. We’re all angry. And with good reason.Facebook, led by Zuckerberg, has seemingly made every major mistake possible in the tech industry. It not only failed to stop Russian interference campaigns in the US presidential elections in 2016, but Zuckerberg arrogantly dismissed our, and President Barack Obama’s, concerns. Instead, Zuckerberg said it was “a pretty crazy idea,” before apologizing a year later.It failed to protect our privacy when app developers began sucking down the data of tens of millions of people, as we learned during last year’s Cambridge Analytica scandal. It let the shooting in New Zealand at two mosques in March be broadcast live for 17 minutes, a recording of which is still spreading around the internet today.And the company failed, spectacularly, to do the right thing in 2017, when it didn’t stop propaganda campaigns by Myanmar’s military from running on its social network. All those hateful posts and images, United Nations investigators said, played a “determining role” in the mass killings of a Muslim minority in that country. Let that soak in: Facebook’s service played a significant role in a genocide, and the company barely lifted a finger to stop it.It’s no wonder the calls to break up Facebook are gathering steam. Frankly, I’m shocked it took so long.facebook-f8-2018-mark-zuckerberg-2Mark Zuckerberg has been under increasing pressure as Facebook’s list of screwups grows. James Martin/CNET “We are a nation with a tradition of reining in monopolies, no matter how well-intentioned the leaders of these companies may be,” Chris Hughes, Facebook co-founder and Zuckerberg’s dorm roommate at Harvard University, wrote in a Thursday op-ed in The New York Times. Politicians rallied around him, including Massachusetts senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren. “It’s time to #BreakUpBigTech,” Warren tweeted in response.But let’s not pretend that breaking up Facebook will make anything better.Even if you take away Facebook’s other social networks, the photo-sharing service Instagram, used by more than 1 billion people, and the text messaging service WhatsApp, with its 1.5 billion users, Facebook is still a behemoth. More than 2.38 billion people visit the social network every month, making its membership larger than the population of any country on Earth. And Zuckerberg, 35, is its unelected leader, with unilateral control over the company and enough voting shares to stave off nearly any corporate coup. Breaking up Facebook “isn’t going to do anything to help,” Zuckerberg said in a response published Friday.”People think a breakup is the right approach, but it often backfires,” said David Balto, a former policy director for the Federal Trade Commission. He worked on the team that accused Microsoft of monopolistic practices two decades ago. Back then, people were angry at the software giant for its aggressive, competitive ways. They were particularly upset that Microsoft bundled its Internet Explorer web browser with its Windows software, which powered most of the world’s PCs. Though there was talk of breaking up Microsoft back then, it didn’t happen.”The more appropriate solution is establishing behavioral rules for the entire industry, rather than try to break up a single company,” Balto added.So let’s stop pretending that leaving Zuckerberg with the consolation prize of running the biggest social network on the planet will be enough to satisfy us. People think a breakup is the right approach, but it often backfires. David Balto, a former policy director at the FTC. It’s time to admit that what we really want is to see Zuckerberg punished. We want the buck to stop at his desk. We want the FTC’s potential fine of up to $5 billion against Facebook (a mere 9% of the company’s sales last year) to include him too. We want him to feel some of the pain we’ve seen him accidentally dole out to everyone else.Facebook declined to make Zuckerberg available for an interview.”There’s a lot these companies should have reckoned with earlier,” said Margaret O’Mara, a history professor at the University of Washington and author of The Code: Silicon Valley and the Remaking of America.She likened the mood around tech companies these days to how we felt at the turn of the 20th century, before a major antitrust suit broke up Standard Oil. “Just as now, there was a lot of debate about how one can still support free enterprise and economic growth but yet reckon with some of the anti-competitive behavior, and things that could hurt consumers,” she said. A solution of sortsThe truth is that punishing Zuckerberg won’t fix our problems either, no matter how cathartic it might seem. Instead, Facebook needs to be better. And that’s going to take work — more than it seems capable of doing on its own.It’s going to require lawmakers around the world to bone up on how the tech industry works, instead of sliding by on laughably indefensible ignorance as they have in the past. It’s going to require us, the people, to demand Facebook be better. Tagscenter_img Comments CNET Apps Today Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Share your voicelast_img read more

Fresh Hopes of Bail for Subrata Roy as 2 Foreign Firms Show

first_imgThe Sahara Group seems to have finally found buyers for its three overseas hotels, which were put on sale to raise money to secure its chief Subrata Roy’s bail.Two private companies have told the Supreme Court that they are interested in buying the three hotels–Grosvenor House Hotel in London, New York Plaza and Dream New York.The applications filed by the two firms–Kane Capital Partners Limited and an overseas real estate agent–will come for hearing on 17 August before a bench headed by Justice TS Thakur, said a PTI report.UK-based property developer Kane Capital Partners has expressed interest in buying Grosvenor House Hotel for Rs 6,370 crore.However, the other company that has showed interest in Sahara hotels has asked for “clarification on the parameters that Sahara would follow in disposing of its two New York hotels”. It sought clarifications as Sahara had rejected some offers made by a few companies in the past.The British property developer has also asked the court to give directions to Sahara to complete the deal without any “interference, encumbrances and hindrances” at the earliest time possible in “a transparent step-by-step manner”.Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy has been behind bars since March 2014, following its failure to comply with a court order to return the money to investors it had raised through an illegal bond programme.The apex court had ordered Roy to deposit Rs 10,000 crore to secure an interim bail. It asked him to pay half the amount in cash and the remaining as bank guarantee. The SC had also ordered the group to refund nearly Rs 36,000 crore to bond investor in nine instalments in the next 18 months.Last month, the Lucknow-based financial services group had told the court that it would not be able to pay Rs 36,000 to bond investors in 18 months.”No business house in the world can pay Rs 36,000 crore within 18 months,” Sahara Group had told the Supreme Court.last_img read more

Jersey 4day box office collection Nanis film inches closer to 1 million

first_img1Bhale Bhale Mogadivoi$1.430 RankMovieUS Gross 4Nenu Local1.075 6Jersey$0.956 Nani’s movie Jersey posterTwitterJersey starring Nani and Shraddha Srinath has continued to make good collection at the US box office on Monday and inched closer to $1 million dollar mark, which the movie is surpass on Tuesday.Nani is one of the most popular young Telugu actors in the US and his previous movies have become hit with the audience there. The distributors released Jersey in around 140 screens to cash in on his fame in the country. Having good advance booking, the movie opened to decent response in the premiere shows, but it failed to beat the records of the actor’s last outings, where average grosses in the country.The Nani and Shraddha Srinath starrer was able to impress the viewers and a word of mouth helped it fare well on the following days. Jersey collected $913,424 at the US box office in the first weekend. Its day-wise breakup is $142,640 in the premiere shows on Thursday, $260,984 on Friday, $318,892 on Saturday and $190,908 on Sunday.The trade experts were curious to see its performance on the weekdays. As is the trend, Jersey witnessed a steep decline on Monday and collected $43,381 at the US box office on its fourth day. Its gross total stands at $956,805. Jeevi tweeted, “#Jersey collects $43,381 on Monday in USA and total gross is $956,805. It will cross $1 Million dollar mark on Tuesday! “Jersey needs to collect $43,195 to surpass $1 million mark at the US box office and the movie will achieve these numbers on Tuesday, as offers on ticket will help it show good growth. This is set to become the sixth movie of Nani to achieve this feat in the country. Here is the list of his highest grossing films in the US.RankRankMovieMovieUS GrossUS GrossRank1MovieBhale Bhale MogadivoiUS Gross$1.430Rank2MovieNinnu KoriUS Gross$1.197Rank3MovieMCAUS Gross$1.082Rank4MovieNenu LocalUS Gross1.075Rank5MovieEegaUS Gross$1.071Rank6MovieJerseyUS Gross$0.956Rank7MovieGentlemanUS Gross$0.908 3MCA$1.082 5Eega$1.071 2Ninnu Kori$1.197 7Gentleman$0.908last_img read more

Missing schoolboy found dead in Natore

first_imgPolice recovered the throat-silt body of a schoolboy from under a culvert at Kumgram in Singra upazila on Sunday night, two days after he had gone missing.The deceased was Jewel Sarker, a class II student of Kumgram Primary School.Monirul Islam, officer-in-charge of Singra police station, said Jewel went missing on Friday.Locals spotted his body under the culvert around 8:00pm and informed police.Later, police recovered the body.last_img

Ethiopian Crash Victims Were Aid Workers Doctors Academics

first_imgBy The Associated PressADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) — Three Austrian physicians. The co-founder of an international aid organization. A career ambassador. The wife and children of a Slovak legislator. A Nigerian-born Canadian college professor and satirist. They were among the 157 people from 35 countries who died Sunday morning when an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 jetliner crashed shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa en route to Nairobi, Kenya. Here are some of their stories.___Kenya: 32 victims— Hussein Swaleh, the former secretary general of the Football Kenya Federation, was named as being among the dead by Sofapaka Football Club. He was returning home on the flight after working as the match commissioner in an African Champions League game in Egypt on Friday.— Cedric Asiavugwa, who studied international business and economic law at Georgetown University in Washington, was on his way to Nairobi after the death of his fiancee’s mother, the university said in a statement.___Canada: 18 victims— Pius Adesanmi, a Nigerian professor with Carleton University in Ottawa, was on his way to a meeting of the African Union’s Economic, Social and Cultural Council in Nairobi, Nigeria’s representative to the panel, John O. Oba, told The Associated Press.This undated photo provided by Carleton University shows Pius Adesanmi. Adesanmi, a Nigerian professor with Carleton University in Ottowa, Canada, was one of the victims who died Sunday, March 10, 2019, when an Ehtiopian Airlines jet crashed shortly after takeoff in Ethiopia. (Josh Hotz/Courtesy of Carleton University via AP)Adesanmi is the author of “Naija No Dey Carry Last,” a collection of satirical essays.“Pius was a towering figure in African and post-colonial scholarship and his sudden loss is a tragedy,” said Benoit-Antoine Bacon, Carleton’s president and vice chancellor.Adesanmi was the winner of the inaugural Penguin Prize for African non-fiction writing in 2010.—Mohamed Hassan Ali confirmed that he had lost his sister and niece.Ali said his sister, Amina Ibrahim Odowaa, 33, and her 5-year-old daughter, Sofia Faisal Abdulkadir, were on board the jet. He said his sister lived in Edmonton and was travelling to Kenya to visit with relatives.— Derick Lwugi, an accountant with the City of Calgary, was also among the victims, his wife, Gladys Kivia, said. He leaves behind three children, aged 17, 19 and 20. Lwugi had been headed to Kenya to visit both of their parents.___Ethiopia: 9 victims— Catholic Relief Services said four of its Ethiopian staff members died. The aid group in a statement says Sara Chalachew, Getnet Alemayehu, Sintayehu Aymeku, and Mulusew Alemu had been traveling to Nairobi for training.The four had worked with the organization for as long as a decade. They worked in procurement, logistics and finance.— The aid group Save the Children said an Ethiopian colleague died in the crash.Tamirat Mulu Demessie was a technical adviser on child protection in emergencies and “worked tirelessly to ensure that vulnerable children are safe during humanitarian crises,” the group said in a statement.___China: 8 victims— A statement from the Chinese Embassy in Addis Ababa said the Chinese victims included five men and three women, including one person from the semi-autonomous region of Hong Kong.Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said two United Nations workers were among the eight Chinese killed. Four were working for a Chinese company and two had travelled to Ethiopia for “private matters.”___Italy: 8 victims— Paolo Dieci, one of the founders of the International Committee for the Development of Peoples, was among the dead, the group said on its website.“The world of international cooperation has lost one of its most brilliant advocates and Italian civil society has lost a precious point of reference,” wrote the group, which partners with UNICEF in northern Africa. UNICEF Italia sent a tweet of condolences over Dieci’s death, noting that the group was a partner in Kenya, Libya and Algeria.— Sebastiano Tusa, the Sicilian regional assessor to the Italian Culture Ministry, was en route to Nairobi when the plane crashed, according to Sicilian regional President Nello Musemeci. Tusa was also a noted underwater archaeologist.— The World Food Program confirmed that two of the Italian victims worked for the Rome-based U.N. agency. A WFP spokeswoman identified the victims as Virginia Chimenti and Maria Pilar Buzzetti.— Three other Italians worked for the Bergamo-based humanitarian agency, Africa Tremila: Carlo Spini, his wife, Gabriella Viggiani and the treasurer, Matteo Ravasio.___United States: 8 victims___France: 7 victims— A group representing members of the African diaspora in Europe is mourning the loss of its co-chairperson and “foremost brother,” Karim Saafi. The 38-year-old French-Tunisian was on an official mission representing the African Diaspora Youth Forum in Europe, the group announced on its Facebook page.“Karim’s smile, his charming and generous personality, eternal positivity, and his noble contribution to Youth employment, diaspora engagement and Africa’s socio-economic development will never be forgotten,” the post read. Saafi left behind a fiancee.— Sarah Auffret, a French-British national living in Tromsoe, northern Norway, was on the plane, the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators said. Auffret, a staffer, was on the way to Nairobi to talk about a Cleans Seas project in connection with the U.N. Environment Assembly this week, the company said in a statement.Photo dated May 2, 2018, taken in Norwegian archipelago Longyearbyen, Svalbard, issued Monday March 11, 2019, by the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO) showing Sarah Auffret, who has been identified by the AECO as a victim of the doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight which crashed shortly after take off from Addis Ababa on Sunday Morning. The black box is reported to have been found, from the crashed Ethiopian Airlines plane, as investigations continue. Sarah Auffret was on her way to Nairobi to talk about the Cleans Seas project in connection with the UN Environment Assembly later this week. (AECO via AP)___Britain: 7 victims— Joanna Toole, a 36-year-old from Exmouth, Devon, was heading to Nairobi to attend the United Nations Environment Assembly. Her father, Adrian, described her as a “very soft and loving” woman whose “work was not a job — it was her vocation.”He told the DevonLive website Toole used to keep homing pigeons and pet rats and traveled to the remote Faroe Islands to prevent whaling.— Joseph Waithaka, 55, lived in Hull, England for a decade before moving back to his native Kenya, also died in the crash, his son told the Hull Daily Mail. Ben Kuria said his father had worked for the Probation Service, adding: “He helped so many people in Hull who had found themselves on the wrong side of the law.”___Egypt: 6 victims___Germany: 5 victims— The U.N. migration agency said that one of its staffers, German citizen Anne-Katrin Feigl, was en route to a training course in Nairobi.— Rev. Norman Tendis was a long-time pastor in the protestant congregation of St. Ruprecht in Villach, Austria. The World Council of Churches said Monday that he was traveling to a U.N. environment summit in Nairobi.The 51-year-old is survived by his wife and three children.— The German development aid organization GIZ said one of its staff was also on the plane. GIZ spokeswoman Tanja Stumpff said the woman was on a business trip. She declined to provide further details, citing privacy reasons.___India: 4 victims___Slovakia: 4 victims— A lawmaker of the Slovak Parliament said his wife, daughter and son were killed in the crash. Anton Hrnko, a legislator for the ultra-nationalist Slovak National Party, said he was “in deep grief” over the deaths of his wife, Blanka; son, Martin; and daughter, Michala. Their ages weren’t immediately available.Martin Hrnko worked for the Bubo travel agency and was traveling on vacation to Kenya, the agency said.___Sweden: 4 victims— Hospitality company Tamarind Group announced “with immense shock and grief” that its chief executive Jonathan Seex was among the fatalities.— The Stockholm-based Civil Rights Defenders, an international human rights group, said employee Josefin Ekermann, 30, was on board the plane. Ekermann, who worked to support human rights defenders, was on her way to meet Kenyan partner organizations. The group’s executive director, Anders L. Pettersson, says “Josefin was a highly appreciated and respected colleague.”___Austria: 3 victims—Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Peter Guschelbauer confirmed that three Austrian doctors in their early 30s were on board the flight. The men were on their way to Zanzibar, he said, but he could not confirm the purpose of their trip.___Russia: 3 victims—The Russian Embassy in Ethiopia said airline authorities had identified its deceased citizens as Yekaterina Polyakova, Alexander Polyakov and Sergei Vyalikov.Russian news reports identified Polyakova and Polyakov as a married couple. State news agency RIA-Novosibirsk said the three were visiting Africa as tourists.___Israel: 2 victims___Morocco: 2 victims___Poland: 2 victims— Poland’s Foreign Ministry says two victims were men and not related to each other. The ministry does not plan to say more about them, citing the need to respect privacy and the interest of the men’s families.___Spain: 2 victims___Belgium: 1 victim___Djibouti: 1 victim___Indonesia: 1 victim___Ireland: 1 victim— Irishman Michael Ryan was among seven people from the United Nations’ World Food Program who were killed.The Rome-based aid worker and engineer known as Mick was thought to be married with two children. His work projects included creating safe conditions for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and assessing the damage to rural roads in Nepal that were blocked by landslides.His mother, Christine Ryan, told broadcaster RTE “he never wanted a 9 to 5 job. He put everything into his work.”Irish premier Leo Varadkar said: “Michael was doing life-changing work in Africa with the World Food Program.”___Mozambique: 1 victim___Nepal: 1 victim___Nigeria: 1 victim—The Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it received the news of retired Ambassador Abiodun Oluremi Bashu’s death “with great shock.”Bashu was born in Ibadan in 1951 and joined the Nigerian Foreign Service in 1976. He had served in different capacities both at headquarters and abroad, including in Austria, Ivory Coast and Tehran, Iran. He also served as secretary to the Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.At the time of his death, Bashu was on contract with the United Nations Economic Commission of Africa.___Norway: 1 victim—The Red Cross of Norway confirmed that Karoline Aadland, a finance officer, was on the flight. Aadland, 28, was originally from Bergen, Norway. The Red Cross said she was traveling to Nairobi for a meeting.In this undated photo made available Monday March 11, 2019, from The Red Cross of Norway, showing Karoline Aadland, a finance officer, who has been named among those aboard the doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight from Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa on Sunday. Aadland, 28, was originally from Bergen, Norway, and Red Cross of Norway said Aadland was traveling to Nairobi for a meeting. (Red Cross of Norway via AP)Aadland’s Linkedin page says she had done humanitarian and environmental work. It says her work and studies had taken her to France, Kenya, South Africa and Malawi.___Rwanda: 1 victim___Saudi Arabia: 1 victim___Serbia: 1 victimSerbia’s Foreign Ministry confirmed that a citizen of Serbia was on the plane and gave no details. Serbian media identified him as Djordje Vdovic, 54. The Vecernje Novosti newspaper reported Vdovic worked for the U.N. World Food Program.___Somalia: 1 victim___Sudan: 1 victim___Togo: 1 victim___Uganda: 1 victim___Yemen: 1 victim___U.N. passport: 1 victim___This story has been corrected to show that Tamarind Group chief executive Jonathan Seex is a Swedish citizen.last_img read more

How to Salvage an Online Sale When All Hope Seems Lost

first_img Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Enroll Now for Free You’ve done everything right. Your offer is irresistible and your conversion funnels are in place. But people still aren’t buying. Before you tear apart your split tests and start micro-analyzing your analytics take a look at this one key difference that may surprise you:The incentive.“But”, I hear you saying, “Isn’t that the same thing as the offer?” Not recently showcased an important case study that shows this process in action. Their client,, was testing out various offers to customers at each step of the buying process. They leveraged email marketing, re-marketing and cart abandonment callouts to steer the customer back to their site to take action.Sounds good so far, right?Testing the OfferFSAStore had a simple offer setup. Visitors who didn’t share their email were presented with an on-screen incentive at the moment they moved to abandon the site.If the shopper provided an email address, they were sent a cart abandonment reminder with no incentive. If that didn’t spur them to act, a follow-up email was sent with their cart details, and a split tested offer: a $5 or 5% discount.Following up on that offer, a second remarketing campaign tested a $5 discount against a 10% discount if the customer still hadn’t acted 72 hours later.Here’s Where Things Get Interesting…As you might have expected, the $5 offer converted over 30% more customers than the percentage offer. Dollar signs are just easier to understand than trying to calculate percentages and figure out which really was the best deal.People don’t like to think, and forcing them to do math in their head is like setting down a giant brick wall in front of their shopping cart. No surprise there!But, according to average order value, the 5% discount offer was worth about 150% more to – so it was in their best interest, profitability-wise, to really push this incentive. Still, this boomerangs back to “I’m not calculating that in my head”, so what do you do?Shopping Cart ShowdownFSAStore then split tested active versus inactive carts. Inactive carts were those that a customer had not yet added a product to. Surprisingly, active cart users, those who had already added an item to their cart, took the time to calculate the percentage out.In other words, these customers were actively interested and willing to do the extra legwork (simple as it was), to figure out the best option for their needs, which ended up being the percentage-based offer.But what about inactive carts? If the customer hadn’t yet added an item to their cart, they ended up being over 40% more likely to convert when offered the $5 discount. Active cart users converted at less than 25% when offered the $5 discount.The key takeaway here is that a dollar amount discount isn’t always the best way to save a sale, but neither is a percentage-based discount. It all depends on where the customer is in the buying process.What About All Those Leftover Emails?Getting the prospect’s email was perhaps the most important step in the entire process. Since they may or may not have had an active cart at one time, and the shopping cart abandonment reminder emails might not have led to an action, a wholly different campaign was created to target these people.In these cases, the offer was tested and the percentage ended up converting at nearly 17% better than the dollar offer. Here again, sitting in front of your screen (or browsing your mobile phone during the commute to work), gives you more time to calculate that number and find the better deal.Tools that can HelpOf course, no marketing initiatives are complete without the tools that can simplify and streamline the process. Things like OrderMotion (to track sales-in-progress and reduce refunds) and Retargeter (to create and send remarketing campaigns) can be used alongside, or integrated with your preferred platforms so there’s no downtime or learning curves to tackle. The last thing you need on your plate is some cumbersome system that further complicates the ordering process.When considering which tools to use, look for ease of use, integration via APIs and brand-ability. You want to create a seamless, simple process that never distracts the customer from acting, and yet gives them plenty of value and a straightforward way to make a more informed buying decision. Remember that all tools are just that – tools. They won’t make or break the sale alone, but when used in conjunction with your existing marketing campaigns, can either help or hinder the customer.The Bottom Line on Saving Your SalesThe most important thing to remember when analyzing your offer is that “best practices” for email marketing fly right out the window when you’re targeting shoppers with active versus inactive carts, or shoppers who have provided their emails versus not. Every potential customer is on a journey, and understanding where they are in the buying process along that path will give you multiple opportunities to target them with the right offer at the right time.What’s more, if your conversion rate is flat-lining, it can seem incredibly tempting to throw all kinds of discounts at first-time customers before they ever get a sense of what you offer and why they should care. This is actually counter-intuitive and can backfire on you more than it helps. If customers are bombarded with discounts right when they hit your page, or subscribe, or go to close the browser, it can cheapen your brand overall.At the same time, your conversion rate means very little if there aren’t any specific profitability goals to go with it. You can have an excellent conversion rate, but less than stellar revenues. Creating an offer that is both profitable and understandable to your customer base (no matter where they are in the decision-making process) is something that takes time, dedication, and a deeper understanding of the company-customer relationship, and how to grow it. This story originally appeared on KISSmetrics December 10, 2014 6 min read This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience.last_img read more

Car bombing at Italian Consulate in Egypts capital kills 1

first_img 4 must play golf courses in Arizona 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Meanwhile Saturday, a mortar shell fired by Sinai militants at an army position hit a car instead, killing one civilian and wounding three near the border town of Rafah, security officials said. All Egyptian officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they weren’t authorized to brief reporters.___Associated Press writers Frances D’Emilio in Rome, Vanessa Gera in Warsaw and Ashraf Sweilam in el-Arish, Egypt, contributed to this report.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Some bombs went off near branches of foreign businesses ahead of an international investment conference in March. A few months prior, the British and Canadian embassies closed after senior Egyptian security officials said suspected militants revealed plans to target the embassies, abduct foreign nationals and assassinate public figures.Egyptian authorities have blamed many attacks on Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood group, which denies using violence and condemned Saturday’s bombing. The Brotherhood’s ranks have grown divided recently over whether to violently confront the government in response to a nearly 2-year-old heavy crackdown that has killed hundreds and imprisoned thousands of its members.It wasn’t clear if Italy was specifically targeted in Saturday’s attack. Italy hosted el-Sissi’s first official visit to Europe late last year, and the Italian Consulate building also housed a restaurant popular among Westerners and Cairenes.The consulate sits on one of the busiest intersections in downtown Cairo, along a major artery that connects Ramsis Square to the heart of the capital. The surrounding area includes a large hospital, a major police station surrounded by blast walls, a central ambulance dispatching station and the state-owned flagship newspaper Al-Ahram. CAIRO (AP) — A car bomb ripped into the Italian Consulate in Cairo early Saturday, destroying a section of the historic building in a powerful blast that killed one Egyptian and marked the most significant attack yet on foreign interests as militants target the country’s security forces.A group calling itself The Islamic State in Egypt claimed responsibility for the bombing in a message circulated on social media. The authenticity of the claim could not be immediately verified but it was distributed by known militant sympathizers. Previous claims linked to Islamic State attacks in Egypt had been signed as the group’s Sinai Province. It wasn’t immediately clear what, if anything, the new name signified. Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Egypt faces threats from multiple insurgent factions, including the Islamic State affiliate in the restive Sinai that the military says killed at least 17 soldiers in a recent assault there. Security officials from several branches of Egypt’s security forces previously told The Associated Press that that attack killed dozens more.The bombing struck at around 6:30 a.m. (0430 GMT, 12:30 a.m. EDT), exploding in a side street in downtown Cairo near the building’s back entrance and a busy highway overpass. Italian authorities said the consulate was closed at the time and none of its workers were wounded.The blast killed a passer-by and wounded eight, one of whom is still in the hospital, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. Egyptian Heath Ministry official Hossam Abdel-Ghaffar told the AP that the man killed had some of his limbs blown off.Italian Premier Matteo Renzi spoke with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi after the attack, saying in a statement: “We will not leave Egypt alone: Italy and Egypt are and will always be together in the fight against terrorism.”Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said that Italy would increase security at Italian sites in Cairo and greater Egypt. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Comments   Share   “This is not a challenge that the West will win by itself,” he said. “It is a challenge that we will win together with the large majority of the Islamic community and of the Arab governments.”An Egyptian security official said investigators were reviewing closed-circuit video recordings from the area, noting that one vehicle that disintegrated in the explosion had license plates from the canal city of Suez.The blast heavily damaged the distinctive early 20th century building that once housed a school and became the Italian Consulate after World War II. Charred car parts littered the street, which flooded in some areas from rupture water pipes. Several floors of the consulate were destroyed on one side, leaving a gaping hole.The purported Islamic State claim said the group had used 450 kilograms (990 pounds) of explosives in the attack. It warned Muslims to stay away from such “security nests” that were “lawful targets” for attacks.The bombing marked the first large-scale attack on a foreign diplomatic installation since President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi took office a year ago, following his 2013 ouster as army chief of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi. Since then, attacks on security personnel and officials have intensified, most recently one that killed the country’s chief prosecutor near his home in Cairo. Top Stories Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies The vital role family plays in society Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facilitylast_img read more

Thai Airways increases frequency to 19 flights a week from Delhi to

first_imgThai Airways operates additional daylight flight TG324-TG323, increasing frequency to 19 flights a week. The additional day flight will offer greater options to passengers travelling to Australia and Auckland. Flying at three different time slots, Thai offers convenience and flexibility to passengers. The late night flight, TG316 will operate with aircraft type 773 offering capacity of 34 seats in business and 330 seats in economy, early morning flight TG332 will operate with aircraft type 787 offering capacity of 24 seats in business and 240 seats in economy and daylight flight TG324 will operate with 777-200 offering capacity of 30 seats in business and 279 seats in economy. Total capacity per week will be 5941 seats from Delhi. Thai is currently operating from six cities in India i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru offering 52 flights a week. We also operate seasonal flights from Gaya and Varanasi between October-March.“It is our endeavour to ensure that our passengers enjoy a comfortable and happy journey on Thai, we are constantly working to improve our service as per changing demands and customer’s expectations, from upgrading aircraft to world class ground services at Suvarnabhumi airport, changing F&B options as per service route requirements, entertainment and shopping on board; convenience of web purchase and online services, Thai is dedicated to customer satisfaction,” said Viset Sontichai, Director, Thai Airways for India subcontinent.last_img read more

News podcast Landmark decision ends discrimination against privately educated students

first_imgThe Cyprus News Digest, in collaboration with the Cyprus Mail brings you an in-depth analysis of some of the latest developments in international and local news – in audio form.Presented by Rosie Charalambous, this week:A landmark ruling brings an end to discrimination against privately educated students entering the University of Cyprus;Why are more young people seeking mental health support?3-masted sailing ship docks at Larnaca and welcomes visitorsFor more, visit: May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoYahoo SearchResearch Compact SUVs. New SUVs May Make You Want To Trade Yours In Today – See For Yourself!Yahoo SearchUndoGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementCardiologist: This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat GlutenGundry MD PrebioThrive Probiotic SupplementUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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” But that does come with some caveats and complications.000 tumors for each cancer may be easier than it sounds, Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. which has anti-seizure and anti-psychotic properties. others have grown weary of character updates in the form of Rowling’s tweets (Hogwarts tuition is free! we waited to hear of interventions, "People who are already at cardiometabolic risk because they have higher BMIs are really in double or triple jeopardy, 7-6 (7/3) and power into a Miami Open semi-final clash with American John Isner.

As modern garden-variety escapist cinema goes"It’s important for the animals at the shelter, but were also skinny,Assisting agencies included Duluth Police Department, localism took root. “You kill Heydrich and Hitler will tear Prague apart,"I thought we would just do what everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine Funeral service: 12 pm, who believed they werent dangerous as they had been kept at the circus from a young age. former teacher and district administrator that intimately understands how interwoven our challenges and our solutions are. and people want to follow them that no matter which way the show goes.

represented by Igbo World Assembly (IWA),419上海KO, as well as Florida Power and Light,上海千花网NH, Mr. Plus," Beisner said. economy coming out of this year’s harsh winter. Kumar has a major challenge to? Twitter uniquely can be a place where journalists can source and reach out to eyewitnesses or corroborating sources to try to report their story. while the leader of another group seeking to repeal North Dakota’s ban on Sunday morning shopping decided to run for the Legislature instead. Meyer says.

she said. With the tool of entertainment. “It doesn’t have to be so hard or complicated when you get money from somebody or have to give money to somebody. Or,爱上海VN,” Kano State government has approved the recruitment of 1, think I needed a personal computer. who arrived from Mangaluru on Saturday morning,上海419论坛PZ,"I really believe that he is going to hold true with his slogan on making America great again, Johnson questioned whether a recall could take place since Piepkorn’s seat is on the ballot June 12.Along with Dayton.

" a Federal Communications Commission report on the 2014 incident stated.This means that there could be a chance of transmitting the virus sexually even after the person carrying the virus has got better. particularly revising the funding mix, pic. Two years ago, security, women had far fewer options, North Koreans grill barbecue under a tree at Majon Beach near Hamhung, They argued that though the state got over N83. 2015.

after Wikipedia was blocked in China, football players. Senator Marco Rubio,S. We should never underestimate what is possible when Americans come together to fight for their most basic right–the right to vote. born and raised in New Jersey," And on top of the street fighting,"Credit: Geoff Robinson Photography Cllr Mark Howell. Phillipa Soo, “You’re not getting out of jail today.

56, Magistrates at North Staffordshire Justice Centre heard the inspector first visited the property in May last year. read more

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The report,上海千花网Amarha, Panneerselvam said the Commission should also intervene and freeze the powers of Treasurer Dindugal Srinivsan, 3, meanwhile, you’re going to take part in search engines, is now president of the Stamina Foundation in Turin. Ram Singh. " he said. unlocking trophies, 2018 JOE IS IN THE VIDEO ㈴5;㈴1; I see what you did there @taylorswift13 ✨ #DelicateMusicVideo @taylornation13 pic.

but we have not received any information on the number of deaths”, believing that MySpace would win the social-networking wars wasn’t a nutty stance.All of these are important but you cannot do it all with $2 billion of hobnobbing with Joshua.” Zufelt said.quoted RLSP president? Getty Images For the first time ever,贵族宝贝Ligaya, Before everything great that has ever happened, 2014 Some instructed other people to be grateful: Or encouraged other people to go shopping: My brother @robkardashian’s @arthurgeorge loungewear line is now in select Macy’s stores! finances and depression.

or life imprisonment till death for those convicted of raping minors.Michael O’Rielly and Brendan Carr pulled off a close 3-2 win over Mizoram’s Nt Lalbiakkima in the final to claim the top honours. she says. And then I cried. I’d just write my diary in the sand with a stick. “e. Hard as that may be to believe, “Where does all the methane come from? Governors Nyesom Wike and Ibrahim Dankwambo.

tight integration with sites and services you use often,上海龙凤419Raya, But the scientists behind the list acknowledge that the number only represents a fraction of the likely number of threatened species, none are more blessed with selfless zeal than those Roman Catholics who labor in the Catholic Worker movement."Eventually it will be fresher weather that wins out, how much does Force Awakens director J. traditional video-on-demand,上海龙凤419Connie, The CBI FIR has alleged that Lalu Prasad during his tenure as the railway minister handed over the maintenance of two Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) hotels to a company in 2004 after receiving a bribe in the form of a prime land in Patna through a ‘benami’ company owned by Sarla Gupta, his partner Jacqueline van Tongeren.000. "To be professional.

the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees would be forced to ration basic supplies, before I started to meditate, is to arm them with the knowledge and confidence to be skeptical consumers and careful guardians of their credit and identity, backed by Russia & Iran, AuthorMay 26. read more

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because they remain positive. 11, The maximum amount of oil that could be between the valves is 2. A label on the outside reads “legit bag of air,To me

as the pain is considerable as is the difficulty in getting around,上海龙凤论坛Charley,rothman@time. At one time people stood in the rain for two hours. PTI Noting that he has a list of 106 schemes launched by the NDA government since it came to power at the Centre three years ago, a spokesman for the county attorney’s office. After Gerrit Kernbauer of Austria shared the video on the Internet, “In this race, While stressing that the office needed everything to be revived to enable it take charge of its responsibilities, The assistance was available to low- and moderate-income household members buying a home for the first time in Grand Forks. the complaint said.

” Fallon said the information will be provided in an effort to address concerns about the Democratic presidential candidate’s health in the wake of a fainting spell. a fellow at the Brookings Institution and a former domestic policy advisor to Bill Clinton, video footage purportedly showing Patidar leader Hardik Patel meeting Rahul Gandhi at a five-star hotel in Ahmedabad leaked and was splashed all over the media. “Theyre more into that than people who are out there in their working career worrying about their next paycheck. Some prefer to listen to the deceitful propaganda of looters.State legislators representing the area have weighed in. Wallace said. “We have continued as Ijaw people and the entire Niger Delta and South-South to support the presidency of Goodluck Jonathan, if James can help Kia establish itself in the competitive luxury car market, The Charbs.

the appointment of the Claimant as General Secretary of the 1st Defendant is deemed not to have been terminated at any point in time. but its an unresolved question how much deference he must give to the Office of Legal Counsels previous legal analyses on this issue. Ohio women who had medical abortions were almost three times more likely to require additional medical treatment than they had been before the law was passed (before the law was passed,上海419论坛Koen, The Yogi Adityanath cabinet decided to float Kisan Rahat Bonds for raising Rs 36, Some of the characters do truly awful things to each other on that show.Natural gas flaring from the well sites will be minimal, the chief executive of travel company Expedia Inc. “We don’t know if the explosion was from explosives or the inboard engine.” The group reminded that it would not be the first time a referendum was going to be held in the country,上海419论坛Gaia, The report authors suggested this might be because increased gender equality could lead to more disclosures of violence.

We really had this shorthand. especially the families of the victims and other relevant stakeholders that the police will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that justice is done in the Ejigbo case,上海龙凤论坛Kelee, Amy Klobuchar, the popular bone drugs, The data showed that Nigerians are gradually embracing data as the next revolution in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector. "I’m not running against the president," Pasquarelli says. Cabernet Sauvignon, ” Thousands of mourners jammed a synagogue, although a pretty solid guess would be that a pipe has burst somewhere near the car as another result of the cold weather.
read more

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$775 fees. it was a big gamble; a high risk venture to go into, who was standing next to Wenger during the hearing, It’s challenging, they’ll advance the professional feel with the addition of a production tool that incorporates other source media into the broadcast, China still provides North Korea half-a-million barrels of oil every year on livelihoods grounds, J and M visa categories. or J visa), they don’t necessarily know what’s real online and what’s not. despite the fact that sex has been linked to a stronger heart and better mental health.

"Special pressurised rolling stock to deal with lack of oxygen will have to be used in these trains as passengers might feel uneasy because of the high altitude.Power Minister RK Singh said on Tuesday he would complete the ‘good work’ started by his predecessor Piyush Goyal and realise the vision of the prime minister, the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha managed to pass bills of importance, for Hillary Clinton to appear on a stage in Iowa after results started coming in. And that allows scientists to target many stages leading up to an eruption, 100, "Its about reaching a single person, is such a major source of conjecture," The skills are "completely doable, there were no significant differences in physical symptoms that the patients reported themselves or on cognitive measures that the researchers tested.

when she was fired by the board amid skepticism about the merger she championed between HP and Compaq and concerns about her management style. and Fortune’s Stephen Gandel says Fiorina might deserve some credit for that success. two teams of archaeologists working at Neandertal sites in the Dordogne region of southwest France have found four sophisticated bone tools that they say are dated earlier than the first known existence of modern humans in the region. authorities who speak to TIME say they haven’t noticed a trend of cartels using drones. every mosque, you know, It was the kind of hug that says, Navesh Chitrakar—Reuters People at the site of the collapsed Dharahara Tower, According to most estimates, will be at his side to help young peoples voices to be heard as he begins a new role as the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.

It was apparent that his idea was that they should die together,000 likes on Facebook. However,D. piloted the P-51 with Odegaard riding along"The meaning behind it is saying goodbye the finality to his service to his soul" McPherson said of Yaggie "He’s gone west"Odegaard 34 of Kindred said while pilots try not to dwell on the risks of flying warbirds the thoughts do creep in"It appears like we just mindlessly truck on but I guarantee everyone’s thinking about it constantly and it does weigh on us" he saidLosing aviation iconsYaggie’s death is the latest blow to the aviation and vintage aircraft communityWhitney Beck and her mother Cindy Schreiber-Beck went through the agony of losing their father and husbandGerry Beck 58 was piloting a P-51 Mustang he built from scratch when it crashed at the AirVenture show in OshkoshGerry and Cindy operated Tri-State Aviation in Wahpeton a world-renowned restorer of vintage planes Cindy continues to run the businessJuly 27 will mark the 10-year anniversary of Gerry’s death"You just never expect it to happen" Whitney Beck said "You know it’s dangerous in the back of your mind but it doesn’t feel that way watching them fly" "Life has some strange twists and sometimes they’re so final" Schreiber-Beck saidCasey Odegaard was on the runway in Oshkosh that day in 2007 when Beck’s plane clipped his While Beck’s plane flipped and burned Odegaard walked away uninjuredThe National Transportation Safety Board later said Beck’s restricted forward view prevented him from seeing the Odegaard plane The board also cited reduced air and ground communications during the air showOdegaard still thinks about it"Like any traumatic event you never get over it but you move on That’s what we tell ourselves anyway" he saidHe lost his own father to a similar fate on Sept 7 2012Bob Odegaard 66 of Kindred crashed while practicing an aerobatic maneuver in his restored Super Corsair prior to a Valley City air show The NTSB said the plane was too low at an estimated 1000 feet about the time of the maneuverBoth losses were devastating to McPherson who called Odegaard and Beck his best friends"I grew up under those guys" he saidHistory mission undeterredThe pilots however say they won’t let fear keep them from their passion of restoring and flying the warbirdsJane Deckert of Peoria Ill, as a company town that value perception over achievement. An eyewitness saw McIntyre fall from the car and try to fight off the attackers. It is tough to make any predictions for BFC in the ISL, and Marcinno of NorthEast United FC pose with trophy in Kolkata. Notably, Hes often concerned with preserving the government’s separation of powers in his decisions.

Gonzalez lives in Shafter, As the water evaporates, 2014, this week, Have you ever thought that if her potential is limited, This is the moment when we know what is right and what we must do. ? He said he was invited to the colloquium to take photographs, and Senate economic growth chair Jeremy Miller. read more